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Alrighty. I went on the quest to find out why my modern warfare 2 suddenly started loading so slowly. it has degraded from 10-15 seconds to 25-40 seconds. This is actually important to me because i am in a clan that participates in regular scrims and events and i am on the lead team. I always miss the first round.

I decided i have enough ram and its performance is well too because once the map is loaded into the ram, it loads within 7-10 seconds.

My system specs are:

CPU :Phenom II x4 3.4 ghz
VID CARD :HD Radeon 5770 1gb
RAM :2x2GB DDR3 Ram Unganged mode

I run the game maxed fine. But my load times are horrendous. My harddisk is a seagate barracuda 750GB. I actually just went and looked it up for this post and saw that alot of people had problems with it.

I have defragmented my drive, disk cleanup, CCleaner ( Temp files, cleared registry of deleted programs ), and also performed a chkdsk /f/r which took around 2-3 hours.

Is there anything i can do?
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  1. How full is the drive? Once you get into the last 10% or so, things slow way down.
  2. 120GB out of 750GB used. so less than 25%.
  3. Check out the Firmware Version on the drive and see if Seagate has an update for it. Be careful though. Make sure your data is backed up before you apply any updates.
  4. ^+1.
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