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I was helping a friend fix their computer, they had tons of software that was installed and slowing down their pc. So they asked me to re install windows and back up their documents. I didnt back up the "shared docs" folder because its almost never used, but this person was using Kodak Easy share software which by default (i think, i was trying to do a little research before i posted) saves in a folder thats located in shared documents. I already re installed xp (quick format) but she is supposedly missing a bunch of pictures from that software.

any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. Bump? I really need help, scanning her HDD with some data recovery tool. Hopingit works.
  2. Odds are fairly high that the installation wrote over the sectors that contained the files, in which case the NSA might be able to recover them but we can't.

    I'll poke around for software to recover files from a drive that has already been re-used. All of the ones I know are for failed drives that have not been written to since the failure.
  3. Hi friend,

    File deletion and corruption is very common. Sometimes due formatting/reformatting the hard drives, reinstalling windows, hardware corruption, virus attacks and many other reasons there for files corruption and deletion. But still you can recover deleted files by using file recovery tool. This tool is very effective and provides complete recovery of files and other documents.For more information you can check this link: .You can easily download the free trial version of file recovery software.
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