Will I benefit from an i5/7, architecture programs

Hello All

I am thinking of building a new PC

I am using a Q660 right now.

I was wondering if I would benefit from a i5 750 or i7 920, or if it would just be super overkill.

The programs I use:
3d studio max
in design


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  1. it would be faster, yes

    but for your uses it seems like video cards and memory would be more critical
  2. Thanks for the reply

    Right now Im using 6GB of ddr3 ram with the Q660 and a GTX 260 (which I dont really like very much), and still feel like I need more. I would definitely go for atleast 8GB with the new build.

    What would you recommend in terms of memory and gpu (i know we are getting a bit off topic, but hopefully the mods wont care too much)
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