Help with O/C E7400 2.8 GHz on Asus P5Q Pro

Hi, everyone,

I have the following computer:

1. ASUS P5 Q Pro
2. C2D E7400 @ 2.8 GHZ
3. Zalman Arctic Cooling Freezer 7
4. Antec EA 500-D (408w total on 12v)
5. EVGA Geforce 560 SC
6. Corsair XMS 2 4 GB 6400 RAM 5-5-5-18
6. Antec Exhaust Fan
7. WD Black Caviar SATA

Now, I recently installed the Geforce 560 SC to breathe some life into the computer. I had actually wanted to pick up a processor for the board, too, but the 775 line is at the end of its line, and CPUs are not really available, therefore considering O/C.

I've read quite a bit about O/C throughout several forums, but a lot of it is not explained well, and so not sure where to start. I understand the basics, I think, see below, but not what else needs to be modified. I'm also wondering how much I could safely O/C and actually see a performance increase. Secondly, I'm wondering if I have sufficient PSU and cooling to do so.

The idea here is to last me until my next upgrade, where I would be replacing the PSU, MB and CPU, while taking my RAM, GPU and case with me.

I've reviewed my BIOS and presently, everything is set to auto. The multiplier is 10.5 and the FSB is 266. I can't remember the current voltage, at the moment. I would also like to do this without having to tweak too many things, e.g. RAM.

If anyone has any advice, that would be great.

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    HERE is a good guide for overclocking the P5 series motherboards.

    Also THIS is a good guide to Core2 overclocking.

    Your cooling is fine, as is your PSU, just take it in slow steps and watch your temperatures. You should be able to get around 3.5Ghz.

    You won't be able to take your RAM to your next build, as it is DDR2 and you will need DDR3 for the next one.
  2. As Everyone Here Knows I AM NOT An Intel Fan, HOWEVER I Will Say This.. The Core2 (Especially The Quads), Have Been Know To OC To 3.5 - 4GHz With Stock Coolers At Decent Temps And Still Have Alot Of Life Left In Them. As The Man Above Said Follow The Guide.

    You Dont Really Need And Upgrade With The Right Graphics Card An Enough RAM Should Handle About Anything Thrown Its Way.
  3. Hi, guys,

    So I disabled the following:

    SpeedStep (was already disabled)
    EC1 - Power Saving Option (was enabled can this be re-enabled later?)
    Spread Spectrum (was enabled)

    I then set everything to manual 10.5 x 333. I set my DRAM voltage (1.8) with my timings, 5-5-5-18.

    However, the two things I'm not clear on is the DRAM Frequency now and ratio: In the BIOS, the RAM frequency is DDR2-800Mhz. My RAM is XMS2 Corsair DDR2-800-6400. You can see the RAM here.

    In CPU Z, the RAM is now 400.7, with a FSB:DRAM ratio of 5:6. I read that if it's not 1:1 it creates more heat. What setting would you suggest?

    The other item is the CPU voltage. It's currently at 1.368. Before OC/ this was 1.0.

    Any advice on the FSB:DRAM ratio and CPU voltage?

  4. Well you just jumped all over it, huh? :)

    Don't worry about what ratio you have to use, that really is not an issue as long as you keep your RAM running stable at or a little above its rated speed. Whenever you setup an O/C run MEMTEST86 to test its stability at that speed and voltage.

    And yes, that is the best ratio for your RAM at 333, as it puts it right at 800MHz.

    I like to keep the maximum long term voltage down to 1.360, but as high as 1.4 is okay for a long time as long as you keep your temperatures well below the maximum core temps of 84C -- like 55-60C tops for long term use.
  5. I'll run the memtest. My concern is burning out my RAM. I want to make sure this is a stable O/C. So far, on idle, the chip hasn't moved past 35C.

    So, for the CPU voltage, should I try to decrease it now until it doesn't boot?

    Also, the EC1 - Power Saving Option I disabled. Can I re-enable this once everything is set and stable?

    Thanks! Like the pic of your dog, by the way. :)
  6. DW_2012 said:
    I'll run the memtest. My concern is burning out my RAM. I want to make sure this is a stable O/C. So far, on idle, the chip hasn't moved past 35C.

    So, for the CPU voltage, should I try to decrease it now until it doesn't boot?

    Also, the EC1 - Power Saving Option I disabled. Can I re-enable this once everything is set and stable?

    Thanks! Like the pic of your dog, by the way. :)

    RAM is very tolerant of long term slightly above normal voltage and 1.8V is fine for that RAM -- plus it has a lifetime warranty, and if you stay below 2V you will never damage it.

    I usually try to back down my CPU voltage until it becomes unstable running PRIME95 for more than 2 hours -- that program stresses your CPU to the max. If it is stable under that it will be great for regular use -- but you want it stress stable, not just able to post or boot into Windows.

    I never enable bios power saving, I use the Win 7 OS power controls and shut down my monitors, but never hibernate or sleep my ssd. It just doesn't eat much power and often can be an issue.

    Thanks, she was a pup then when I picked her up in Colorado Springs, now she's now a 2 year old Old English Sheepdog -- I have three females from three consecutive litters and their uncle is the current national champ. My dogs are REALLY spoiled. :)
  7. Hi again,

    You've been very helpful. Thank you. So I won't worry about the RAM, unless the test comes back negative.

    So running Prime95 at the current settings (FSB: 333x10.5 / DRAM Frequency 800 Mhz/5:6 ratio). I lowered the voltage a bit to 1.35. It even booted with 1.3. Anyway, running Prime95 with 1.35 and so far so good. I chose the Custom option, default Torture Test. Five tests in and no problems.

    My concern over the voltage is burning out my CPU. That's something I don't really want. I'm hoping to keep this computer for a long while, before upgrading.

    Lastly, I think I need a create a boot disk for Memtest. Is there a way around this? I'm not sure how to make a bootable DVD. :)

    Thanks again.

  8. Just burn the disk and it will be bootable, put it in your cd/dvd drive and restart and it will run.

    At 1.35 V your CPU will be totally safe,
  9. Hi, Real,

    I know you mentioned that the 5:6 ratio is not an issue. Running Memtest now. However, I read that 1:1 is ideal. I say that, but my default configuration ratio (BIOS set to Auto everything) was 2:3 (10.5*233) DRAM Freq: Auto.

    Apparently 1:1 yields the best speeds as the CPU and RAM are moving at the same speed, I think. :) In any case, what do you think?

    By the way, ran the Prime95 for four hours (Computer fell asleep in between), but continued upon wake. No issues. Nice and stable at 1.35, though CPU Z says 1.33.

    And thanks for all your insight.

  10. To run it 1:1 at 333MHz you will need to really O/C it, underclock it and tighten the timing, or buy faster memory. If you want to run it at 1:1 at its rated speed you will need to get your cpu up to 400MHz FSB, which would require a lower multiplier.

    The biggest deal with 1:1 is about overclock stability, not really performance.

    HERE is an extensive article on ram and bandwidth.

    Your best bet is to try several different settings and compare the results in how long it takes to make calculations in Prime95.
  11. Hi, Real,

    Thanks. Between running it at 667 (underclocking) for 1:1 and running it at it's native speed, 800, 5:6, which would you recommend?

  12. As long as it runs stable at 5:6, I would use that as it will give you greater memory bandwidth. If you become unstable, the back it down to 667 at 1:1.
  13. Hi, everyone,

    So, everything was running stable @ 10.5x333 with 1.3 voltage. Ran two Prime95 Blend tests for 10 hours.

    But get my RAM up, I upped the FSB and lowered the multiplier.

    So now, I'm running 8.5 x 400 for 3.4 GHZ on this P5 Q Pro.

    CPU voltage is at 1.32 (in CPU-Z)
    Temps for Core 0 are 36.
    Temps for Core 1 are 39.

    I left my PC-6400 DDR2 RAM at the standard timings and 1.8v (default).

    I have not modified any other voltages. Do you think I need to? What else should I be looking for temperature-wise?

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