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Hi Tom
I don't know whether you are still operating, but I thought I would put my problem in here on the off chance you can help. I have worked for days to solve this problem, even exchanging the webcam/microphone set up I bought to make sure it wasn't a faulty one.

I am having trouble establishing the right settings in my Windows XP Professional to recognize the microphone in my webcam/microphone I have just installed to use Skype. I have followed all the Skype instructions, but find that "PC running Windows XP classic style" instructions are different from those on my computer. In the audio section of Sounds and Audio devices, in the playback section (which I assume is for speakers), I have ticked all the items under "Show the following volume controls". There is no microphone column under options/properties. So I can't tick the mute button as suggested. Then when I get into the next section for the microphone (sound recording) (and again ticked all the items under "Show the following volume controls), I click options/properties. There is no "select" place for a tick in the Recording Control panel, but there is a place to mute under each of the columns. I also cannot access/click the Advanced Controls section - it is not highlighted. In the instructions under the Advanced Controls for Microphone, I noticed there is a section for Other Controls and under it 1Mic boost. Back in the Sound Playback section, there is a place to click advanced under three of the columns and in them, there is a place to tick 1 Microphone Boost - Front green in, Front Pink in and Rear pink in.
I have also reinstalled the driver for the webcam/microphone in case there was an error in installation.
I seems to me that my computer is not allowing the microphone to work because the settings don't recognize a microphone.
I have also clicked the Speech icon in the Control Panel and it only shows Speech Properties, text to speech (using Microsoft Sam) and only shows Audio Output, not audio input which would be the microphone.
Can you help met get the settings correct so I can use Skype? I have tested the speakers and there are no problems with that. There is no sign of life when I test the microphone on Skype or in Windows itself.

I have never used a forum before. So i don't know what to do with that. Just an old lady trying hard to be computer literate.
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  1. Take a look at my blog...
    Full tutorial to use a Mic in windows XP
  2. Arjun_Mishra said:
    Take a look at my blog...
    Full tutorial to use a Mic in windows XP

    Thank you for responding to my request. However, the information in your tutorial wasn't enough to solve the problem. It only referred me to the Speech section, and didn't cover Audio and Sound devices where the main problem lay.
  3. Thank you for putting my problem on your forum. I ended up buying a headphone/microphone and plugged it into the pink and green jacks in the front of the computer. Then I continued to search the settings on my computer to enable it to recognize the microphone. As sometimes happens, I clicked something which I don't remember now, and the next thing I knew my microphone worked! Isn't it terrible when you don't know what you did to make it work!!!! Frustration!
    So thank you for your help. There is still definitely a problem with the settings but as it works, I won't search any further.
  4. I know longer require any help. Thank you for airing my problem. I would appreciate it if you would take my item off your lists. Many thanks.

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