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Best balance CoolerMaster HAF 922

The goal;

Maximum airflow cooling the system currently can be.

The setup;

Cooler Master HAF 922 case features a robust build with a generous amount of space.

My system currently has:
1x200mm fan intake in the lower front of the case@ ~600rpm
1x200mm fan out through the top rear of the case facing up@ ~600rpm
2x120mm with a radiator between them out the rear top facing back (Corsair H60 cooler with an extra fan)@ ~1200rpm each

My graphics has 2x90mm facing down from the 6 heatpipe cooler on it (Asus DCII cooling) venting the rear and down towards the bottom mounted PSU. They run at 10% (1100rpm) speed average, with about 30% (1500rpm) And the PSU is obviously bottom mounted with the fan intake on the bottom of the case venting out the rear. Case is slightly elevated for the PSU airflow.

The Big Question;

The top 200mm fan. Should it be venting out or be a secondary intake? The size is nearly double the rear outake but at half the speed.

In Conclusion;

The system is quiet and wonderful. Just want to make sure I'm getting the most out of it. I have decent control over the speeds and placements of the bigger fans.

Currently the system runs quite nice and cool at no load and little change to light to medium load. But under high load, I would like it to come down a bit. And Definitely want to reduce static buildup with a negative pressure or even positive flow. The current running temps are as follows;

0-light load: 40c Ambient, 27C CPU, 35C GFX
medium load: 43c Ambient, 30C CPU, 50C GFX
heavy load: 49c Ambient, 36C CPU, 60C GFX

I would like the ambient down to help the GFX vent a little better. I think the graphics fans vent into the main area and the top fan pulls it up causing a kind of cycling of warmer air back onto the PCB/Chip. I'd like to have the GFX fan not go above 45% under heavy load and still bring the temps down a little nearer 55C.
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    I'd recommend having the top 200mm Fan as an exhaust, obviously heat rises so currently the top 200mm fan is fighting against what the hot air is naturally trying to do. Its also forcing the hot air over your components. You want cold air over your components not hot.

    The most efficient air flow route would be cold air from the front/bottom of the case passing over your components (taking heat away) and being exhausted through the back and top of the case.
  2. Ok, thank you. I guess I'm running pretty optimally. Does the air pressure seem decent? I have no way of measure except for guaging fan speeds in to out with an guesstimated airflow rate on each end. Which is as close as I can calculate.
  3. Yeah I think its running well, if I remember correctly the Haf 922 has alot of case ventilation so air will either be drawn in or pushed out of the case depending on whether your case setup has positive or negative pressure.

    I'm not sure if positive or negative is best, however lets say positive is best for a second, I think it would be very differcult to produce as any excess air will just be pushed out of the vents in your case.
    The same goes for negative pressure, if there's more air outside the case then surely air will be drawn in the case via the vents?

    I'm no expert, maybe have a look through google, I'm sure someone's done some testing.
  4. Yeah that makes sense. Has a LOT of holes. Thank you!
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