Usb to firewire port cable

I want to connect an ASUS A43 series Laptop to an OLD Western Digital External HDD with Fire wire Int erface
the Laptop has USB Ports only.Pl help in suggesting and sourcing the usb to firewire port cable
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  1. as far as I know there is no such thing as a Firewire to USB converter.

    what model WD External HDD do you have.
  2. It is as Emerald says. There is no such cable. They are both two different technologies that do not appreciate interaction at a power level. The normal result is a smokey affair. The best thing you can do is purchase another enclosure for the drive (they can be bought cheap) and put the drive in that assuming the drive is SATA. IDE enclosures are rare these days.
  3. they do sell a firewire to usb adapter. I found the firewire cord and adapter for a friend online.
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