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I am using an old Acer Aspire 4315 and operating on Windows Vista. The C drive is at full capacity. I have moved all data to the D drive and erased non essential programmes. This has had no impact. I went through item by item listed under C Drive and added up the size of each item and this totalled only 17G of the 32G capacity. The machine meets my needs. Any suggestions to fix?
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  1. The usual suspects, such as the page file, system restore points...

    I suggest that you download a copy of WinDirStat and run it from a privileged account. Turn on the option to show hidden / unknown space, and it will tell you where everything is. If you use an image-serving service like Photobucket, you can post the image here.


    Finally, unasked-for advice. The machine does not meet your needs, it has run out of space. Why not spring for a 100 GB or larger drive, clone your system drive to it, and not worry about system drive space for the next five years?
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