Ati HD 4650 VS 9500Gt

Hey guys plzzz hlp wid A new Grafix Crd Guys widin Rs.4000 Indian Currency...
plzz suggest a Grafix Crd Between 9500Gt and ati hd 4650...plzzz tell their price in kolkata 2 if possible guys... :??:

My pc config is
Intel Core 2 duo 2.8 ovrclokd to 3.2Ghz...
Asus Modrbrd wid pci e 2.0 16x slot
2 Gb Ram
1160 GB Harddisk
500w Smps...

Plz guys Hlp me ....any hlp will b highly apreciated.... :hello: :lol: plzzzzzzzzzzz ;)
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  1. Go to
    it is for Indians like us.
    Go to dealers paradise tab in it to find all GFX cards . I recommend a nvidia card . Check it out first. Or Check or for buying online.
  2. First you tell what do you want the GPU for?

    And I strongly recommend a 4670/9600GT over those two you mentioned.

    4650/9500GT are crappy performers due to their slower DDR2 memory.
    The ones I mentioned have DDR3 memory and deliver solid performance for price.

    You will find them in 4000-5000 Range.
    9600GT may be a bit more expensive but they are well worth the money.
  3. For prices check out
  4. I agree withshubham, but if you have to choose, go with the 4650
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