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I have a laptop and a desktop. I pick up a wireless internet connection with my laptop. Is there anyway I can use my laptop as a internet connection for my desktop? Like make my laptop become a wireless router pretty much. I have a network cable, lan cables, and a wired router that I can use. Im using basic Vista on the laptop and Vista service packet 2 upgrade on the desktop. If I can network my desktop to my laptop and be able to connect to the internet how do I set it up and what do i need in order to set it up?
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  1. Yes, you can set your laptop to become a host of its own network, then get other computers to connect to that network. The most popular way is to create an ad-hoc WiFi network with the laptop, then get other computers to connect to it.

    Unfortunately, except for Windows 7, your laptop will need to connect to the internet another way. Whatever you use to allow the other computers to connect (WiFi or ethernet) can't be used to connect to the internet.

    During an out-of-town trip, my officemate created an ad-hoc network on her laptop, then we just used our WiFi to connect to her. However, she went online through her USB modem, and that's the connection we all shared through her ad-hoc network.
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