RAM only works when warm?

Hey guys,

I've bought a new pair of DDR2 400mhz 2048mb sticks of ram to go into my gigabyte ga-g31m-es2l.

At first, they were working okay until one went funny. Everytime I boot up with this specific stick in, I get the continous beep which corrensponds with the bad stick of ram. When I take it out and just use the other one on its own, it boots fine.

However, if I try both sticks and leave the computer beeping for about 15-20mins, then turn the computer on then on again..... the bad stick of ram works! (the same happens if i just use the bad stick by itself )

Is this because the ram needs to get warm or is it just faulty?
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  1. Sounds like it is bad; it should boot with no problems - as long as the BIOS settings are compatible with the RAM specs.
  2. But I thought faulty RAM doesnt boot at all. After I leave it for 15-20mins, turn off then on again, it will work until I shut down the computer.
  3. It is not behaving properly; it should not beep during POST - and it will not get any better. Have you run memtest86+? If not, download the CD ISO version (about 2/3 down the page) and boot to the CD - errors indicate bad RAM.
  4. This is bnot,

    So I'll have to buy another sticks if I get errors using this software?
  5. If you get errors with memtest86+, the stick(s) are not reliable and will result in BSODs or other unpredictable outcomes. If you cannot return them for replacement, then you should get new one(s), or....you can keep them knowing they will cause unpredictable problems.
  6. Thank you for the help thus far Treefrog, you've been very helpful.

    However, I ran memtest86+ and the test passed. I'm still puzzled as to why I have this problem.

    Btw, this is a Corsair stick
  7. How long have you run MemTest?
    Have you tried using the known good RAM module in the DIMM that the supposed bad RAM module was in?
    Vice verca?
  8. You're welcome. Corsair? - you should check the forums here. Corsair has had lots of problems with its DDR2 RAM over the last few months, especially the 8500C5D (1066MHz). That is the over-clocked version of the 800MHz RAM like you have.

    I am surprised that it passed memtest86+, did you let it complete all the tests? I would RMA it for replacement since it is not performing as expected. It should POST/boot reliably every time.
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