T7500 Running Slow?

First off I'm not sure should this thread be in the CPU or Laptop section, so appologies if I'm wrong!


I have a Dell M1330,

CPU T7500 @ 2.2GHz,
RAM Kingston HyperX 4GB Kit 667MHz DDR2,

The CPU seems to always be struggling,
With a fresh install off windows 7 the windows experience index scores are as follows,

CPU - 2.2
Memory - 2.8

As I don't really have any other reference point to compare to,
could someone please confirm if these scores are unusually low given the specs.
Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Wow, that's pretty low. Are you sure your power options isn't set to power saving?
  2. It's on balanced with minimum and maximum processor state set to 100% in the advanced power options.
  3. Try setting it to high performance and run the experience index again.
  4. Just tried it but I'm afraid it made no difference.
  5. Have you installed Win7 drivers?
  6. Yeah, I've installed all necessary drivers,
    everything appears to be running fine besides the slow processor.

    I just installed CPU-Z and it says:

    Core Speed - 598.5 MHz
    Multiplier - x3.0
    Bus Speed 199.5 MHz
    Rated FSB 798 MHz

  7. I had a lower spec'd (Core Duo 1.6 w/ 2 GB & ATI X1400) that scored a good bit higher than yours... although I can't remember exactly, I'm thinking in the 4s.
  8. Thanks for the input,
    I was sure it was far too low.

    Now, has anbody any ideas as to why???
  9. Sounds like the CPU is throttle due to heat and dropping down in speed to stop a burn out, fan working constantly?

    Call Dell Support, yes its a pain, but if in warranty, they fix it.
  10. Hi das_stig, thanks for the comment.

    I found this thread, it appears to be the exact same problem,


    So I thought the problem might be that the fan was not working and thus the cpu was underclocked.
    I installed i8kfangui, (a program to monitor temps and control fan speed)
    But when set manually to full speed it appears to be working fine and temp seems normal. Is it possible the fan is still working but its just not being activated by the motherboard?

    I tried disabling Intel speedstep like in the above thread and it increased each core speed to 800MHz (up from 600 but still far too low). New experience index scores are 3.1 for CPU and 4.3 for RAM.

    It seems like I may indeed need to call Dell,
    however my warrenty is up.
    It is only covered for the well known problem with the 8400gs GPU and I'm on my 3rd motherboard due to that problem!

    Does anybody have any suggestions as to how I might fix this myself?

    All comments are very much appreciated.
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