Getting a 1:1 Ratio for E7400 and DDR2-800 6400 RM

Hi, all,

Running a E7400 2.8 GHZ @ 3.5, due to a 10.5 multiplier by 333. Thing is, the DRAM Frequency is set to 800Mhz, with timings of 5-5-5-18, which is fine, but it gives a ratio of 5:6.

I've read that when O/C 1:1 is ideal, but not sure how this would be possible with this configuration. I've also been told that everything is fine as-is, provided Memtest passes successfully.

Any advice would be helpful. So far, the O/C @ 3.5 is very stable at 1.35 voltage.

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    I'm , running E7400 @ 3.4 with bus speed 400Mhz,multiplier x8.5.You should try it.Is set 1:1 for the FSB : DRAM and its stable.I run for 5 hours prime95 and no problem.
  2. The 100Mhz he is losing will not be worth it.

    1:1 ratio is for stability.

    Run Prime95 Blend test for 8 Hours (Or overnight) and check for errors. This will tell you if you are stable or not. If you are stable, 5:6 will be fine. If not, 1:1 maybe fine but it does differ from Chip to Chip and Mobo to Mobo.
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