ASUS IPILP-LC Motherboard with Intel E8500 Processor

I upgraded our processor to Intel E8500 and now the computer starts up and seems to be running but the monitor says "no signal". Any ideas on what is wrong?
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  1. quite possibly the video card is not seated corretly or doesnt have the additional power connector in place.
  2. The motherboard is only capable of supporting up to E4400 processor.
  3. Your E8500 is not compatible with yout motherboard. According to HP's website these are the only CPU's that will work with your motherboard:

    Processor upgrade information

    Socket type: 775

    Motherboard supports the following processor upgrades:

    Core 2 Duo E4x00 with Dual Core technology (Conroe) up to E4400

    Pentium E2000 series (Conroe) up to E2160

    Pentium D 9xx with Dual Core technology (Presler) up to 960

    Pentium 4 6x1 series (Cedar Mill) up to 661

    Celeron 4xx series up to 440

    Celeron D 3xx series (Cedar Mill) up to 365

    Celeron D 3xx series (Prescott) up to 355
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