HDD is not accessible error

my sata hdd is showing "segments unreadable" in check disk, and I can not access it. its my extra drive in pc where I stores my data,In windows 7 if it shows its icon then I can't access its folders
I have to reattach its wires again, so pc can detect it, in dos mode I can see all folders in it but I don't know how to copy and save my data, as its not copying folders from it
I need your help so I can save my imp data :??:
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  1. fzabkar said:

    thanks for reply , As its long time now, I tried a lot, even xcopy too, but I couldn't save my all data,
    I had to choose files instead of folder in dos.

    Now I want to have your attention here
    that My HDD is now appearing continuously in device manager, as I had to re-attach its wires to detect it before.and It was also showing it "healthy on risk".in management section.

    and under management section its now showing 465.76 GB UN allocated, and right click option comes for "create new partition".
    system doesn't scan it as it was asking before to check, one of your hard disk.........
    segment 1700...... unreadable
    ............................................so on
    So I can't use DOS now so how to save my data from it?
  2. Use USB to SATA adapters are not recommended for the restoration of data, unless you have no other options. Connect the player directly to a SATA controller.
  3. If your drive has bad sectors, then IMO it would be best to clone your drive sector-by-sector using a tool that knows how to work around bad sectors, and then use data recovery software on the clone.

    Some freeware cloning tools are ...

    dd_rescue: http://www.garloff.de/kurt/linux/ddrescue/
    ddrescue: http://www.gnu.org/software/ddrescue/ddrescue.html

    Comparison between ddrescue and dd_rescue:

    Ddrescue can perform multipass cloning. It clones the easy sectors on the first pass, and attempts the more difficult ones on subsequent passes. It can also clone your drive in reverse, thereby disabling lookahead caching. It keeps a log, allowing it to resume after an interruption.

    The following thread discusses various freeware and commercial cloning tools:
  4. Hi

    Can I get my main documents only in cloning as I don't have the same capacity extra HDD, there is little amount of space in my other HDD. and there are some data what I can left.

  5. Strictly speaking, cloning is an all-or-nothing operation.

    You could use data recovery software on your damaged drive, but in its present state it could fail completely without warning.
  6. fzabkar said:
    Strictly speaking, cloning is an all-or-nothing operation.

    You could use data recovery software on your damaged drive, but in its present state it could fail completely without warning.


    I am trying to recover my HDD from easeus data recovery/i care
    But problem is that time remaining is continously mounting. it reached 1000 hr before current gone and again it resume from almost start

    Other thing I want to know that my HDD is not appearing properly today, it disappears while the process of recovery,(it was currently in un allocated status) I had to reattach it

    another thing, i want to share about mouse.... It jams while working and I have to reattach it again and again after some hours and then it starts to work properly, My new DVD Drive sometimes doesn't show content of DVD but its writing quite good, I have changed a Drive before because of this

    Tell me if these problems are occurring due to the mother board problem(I am not sure about motherboard as once my Graphic card's video output port was damaged due to UPS trip but luckily Other port is working good)

    Discussed other little problems to give a little intro of my pc, may be HDD problem is related with it

    Please briefly describe its answer

  7. Guys I must close this conversation as my HDD is not getting warm now that mean its completely dead, tell me if I still can get data from it

    well its in warranty period so i'll change it now
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