Will 1gb of ram run win7 ultamate?

Please my mother has bought me win7 ultimate for my b-day and will it run with 1gb of ram?
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  1. It will run but not as smoothly as you'd like.

    What is your current motherboard and RAM?
  2. Should be ok. :)
  3. ecs gf8100-vm-m5 3.3ghz sempron and 1gb 800mhz samsung ram and im buying extra 2gb stick on the 27 and i will have it buy then 27th coz mu bday is 27th
  4. soo all in all ill have 3gb 800mhz ram
  5. ill haave 3gb of ram when i install it
  6. That would be fine.
  7. I installed Win7 RC on a machine with 768MB of memory and it worked fine. I didn't try to run more than one thing at a time on it, though.
  8. It really depends on if we're talking the 32 or 64bit versions of Win7, if its the 32bit it will be fine but would run better with 2G if its the 64bit I'd target 4G.

    But pre buying memory may not be the best Idea if you end up throwing off your dual channel memory capability, that 1G of installed memory is probably 2 matched 512mbs sticks running in dual channel mode.

    And mis-matched memory modules is never a good idea, no matter what OP/SYS it is.

    And lastly this thread is definitely posted in the wrong section.
  9. Quote:
    Yeah and a moped will run on racing fuel as well.

    It Will!

    At least for a little while :cry:
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