Testing my HX850 PSU with nothing installed on the MB

Hello my fellow experts.

I just bought a Corsair HX850 and a Asus P6x58D MB. I want to test if my PSU works, but is this possible when there's nothing installed on the motherboard yet. The only thing hooked up right now are some case fans. Could I damage the MB?

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    You can't test it with just the mobo. The 24-pin connector to the mobo acts as a switch to the PSU. IMO, you'll need to have at least a mobo, cpu, and a case (to turn on the pc) to be able to test if it is working.

    Btw, why do you want to do that?
  2. I want to be sure it works before starting the cable management the whole thing. My CPU will arrive in a couple of days, so I'll just have to wait. Thanks for the quick answer Masterjaw.

    PS. It's a Mozart TX case with 11 fans installed. That's why there's alot of cables from the fans.
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  4. Yes, you can. Here you have a video from Corsair.

    But the best way is using a tester. Antec have a good one:
  5. Thanks!
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