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I need help. My mom has a Compaq Presario V3000 or V3500 and about 1 and half week the laptop died. Now we want to get the data from the HDD but I dont know which data enclosure to buy. I know about computers but I dont know which pins are the ones the HDD has. Can someone tell me which 2.5" hard drive enclosure to buy? please?. I leave you some images so you can see it.

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  2. If you have a desktop system available, you do not need a drive enclosure. Just pull the drive from the laptop and cable it into the desktop - standard SATA data cable and SATA power connection from PSU. Then transfer the files to the desktop hard drive.

    Otherwise you need a standard USB enclosure for a SATA laptop drive.
  3. I havent tried with my PC but i bought standard SATA data and Power(the ones you normally use) but didnt fit on my laptop HDD, also I bought an usb enclosure but the connector didnt fit it was the same as my HDD. Im going to try if I can use the ones in my PC if not I dont know what to do.

    edit: I tried it and the connectors didnt fit
  4. So no one here can't tell me which enclosure to use???. Well thanks for me help jsc I will go and check another forums to see if someone knows.
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    Your drive has an interface converter that adapts the drive's standard SATA connectors to your motherboard's connector.

    Just pull on the converter and it should detach from the drive.
  6. can you show me in the image I have where is the converter I dont see it.Please and thank you
  7. It's just a short board with SATA pins on the drive side. The motherboard is connector is on the opposite side of the board, facing you.

    Just grab the connector and pull it towards you. All will be revealed. :-)

    Here is an example:
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  9. Tank you very much fzabkar you helped me alot!!! hahahaha I didnt saw that converter/connector xD. Im just going to buy an usb enclosure and ready to go. Thanks.
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