Cannot install Windows on drive with Raid turned on! Help!!!

Okay. A quick recap...

I had my OS installed on my SSD and a second hard drive for programs and data. I purchased three drives to replace the old secondary hd to run in Raid. In order to setup the three drives in RAID, i had to switch from AHCI to RAID in the Bios. When I did this in the Bios, the SSD would no longer boot Windows.

It was recommended that I assign the SSD as RAID Ready (which obviously deletes all the data on the SSD) and reinstall Windows. However, now when I load from the Windows disk it cannot find ANY hard drive to install anywhere! Thus, I am completely dead in the water.

The windows install suggests I install drivers. However, I did not have to do this last time I installed windows and I have no idea what I should be installing.

Please HELP! I'm clearly new at this, and now I think I might have really messed something up.

Thanks if you can help.
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    as soon you enable RAID you will need to load the chipset/Raid drivers during the installation of the OS
  2. I installed the RAID drivers but that's all. With the SSD set as either Raid Ready or unassigned Windows still says it cannot install to any disk. Are there other drivers I need? Should the SSD be set to single disc or RAId Ready?
  3. Tried to install the other IDE driver but to no avail.
  4. Got it. You have to install driver and then reinsert the windows disk to install OS. Thx.
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