How do i shrink my hard Drives?

Does any one know how can i shrink my hard drives?
C: 150 gb
D: 350 gb
Now would like to cut off 200gb from D: into C:
Any help would appreciate.
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  1. Are they physically two different hard drives or one hard drive you partitioned into two?

    If it is the first option, you have not options there, as you can take capacity of one drive and add it to another :(

    If it is the second option, you have the ability to shrink the D drive under Disk Management and allocate that space to the C drive.
  2. Lucky me, it's second option Btw, how do i allocate that space to the C. Thank your for your help
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    dattrinh11 said:
    Lucky me, it's second option Btw, how do i allocate that space to the C. Thank your for your help

    You go to your Disk Manager screen and right click on the hard drive you want to shrink or extend and click on the option you are wanting to do (see below image)

    Once you have clicked the the option, you can adjust your size up or down based on your requirements and the size you are looking to adjust to (see below image)

    I hope this helps!!
  4. Sorry, I disagree with techmo34. If those are two Partitions on one physical HDD unit, I expect the C: "drive" was created first, then the D:. If you now shrink the D: "drive" by 200 GB, that Unallocated Space will be AFTER the Partition with the D: "drive". The space chunks on your HDD will be in the order: C:, then (smaller) D:, then Unallocated Space. You will NOT be able to Expand the C: drive into that because it is not right after the C: drive.

    But you might do this with a few more steps:
    1. Shrink the D: drive by 150 GB to create that much Unallocated Space at the end of the HDD.
    2. Use cloning software to clone absolutely everything from the D: drive to a new E: drive (or maybe some other name) created in the Unallocated Space. Now you have TWO identical versions of the D: drive, except that the older one is larger. It is in the MIDDLE of the HDD, between C: and E:
    3. Delete the (old) D: drive to make it Unallocated Space.
    4. Expand the C: drive into that new Unallocated Space.
  5. Yes... Paperdoc is correct!!

    I checked it on my secondary drive and it didn't work or it created in a dynamic disk.

    Good save Paperdoc
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  7. Thanks all, i got it
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