GTX 470 as PhysX card

Hi Guys,

I have received a 2nd hand EVGA GTX 470 SC and its just lying around. So I was thinking if i should use it as a PhysX card and get a boost. Aside from this would the additional power consumption and heat be worth the additional performance?
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  1. What is your primary video card? What are your power supply specs?
  2. Sorry I forgot to add that. Primary card is a GTX 560 Ti and PSU is cougar GX1050
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    1050W. Shutter every time I hear of a PSU with that number. Nobody should every make a PSU with that output again after what Diablotek did...

    Do you play any PhysX games? You're probably better off just selling it and using the $$$ for something else.
  4. Install the 570 as primary video card and use the 560 for Phys-X. Duh!
  5. Well i mainly play BF3 now and other FPS titles. I was thinking of selling it later if I have a buyer but I was just wondering would the performance increase be enough to justify the increase in power draw. hahahaha I think the only game that I play that would benefit is Alice. hahahaha.

    Well the GX1050 has received great reviews and some sites still use it for their bench systems.
  6. @ DelroyMonjo

    I dont have a 570. I have the 470 SC.
  7. DOH!
  8. Sounds like you don't play any PhysX titles then. I vote sell it now while its worth something.
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  10. Thanks guys, I think Ill sell it off quickly before the new gen GPUs come out hahahaha.
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