If I installed the OS with IDE RAID can I change to AHCI?

Ok, so here's my current standing...

I have 4 hard drives: 1 SSD with the OS installed and 3 others in a RAID 5 configuration.
In order to install the OS with RAID enabled the BIOS had to be set to IDE and RAID.

I know that running in AHCI is best to enable TRIM, but can I do so now without losing my RAID configuration?
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    Is the RAID setup on a different controller than the SSD?

    Is the SSD setup in RAID mode within the BIOS? (TRIM is supported under RAID mode, as long as the SSD is not part of the actual RAID)
  2. Yes, I got it. Thank you Tecmo. As usual, you are a genius. VEry much appreciated.
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