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Hi m new here.
I have a Dell Vosto 420 Desktop. C2Q Q6600, 4GB 800MHz OCZ, 2xWD Hdds, 350W Lite-on PSU, Ati HD 3450. I upgraded my PSU and GPU to CM extreme power plus 600W and Sapphire HD 4890. My processor temps are about 50C idle. Before upgrading, there was no issue with heat. Is there a problem with the PSU or is the airflow bad?

Please help.
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  1. first, to know if your temps are high, you need the max load temperature.
    I always used a program called Orthos to stress test my CPU and reveal the max. temp.

    To my knowledge, a PSU will not cause a noticeable increase in temperature. Its own fan pushes air outside and usually does a good job.
    The GPU may cause temps to go up, because its working harder, and yadda yadda yadda. But that really shouldn't affect your CPU by much. It would only increase ambient temps by a couple of degrees.
  2. ^^ty for ur reply.

    my only concern is that the coolermaster extreme power plus 600W PSU has an efficiency of 70% and will it be able to power my rig?

    and is 50C for Q6600 stock and idle normal?
  3. the best rule to use when concerning power, is to add up the wattage of the major components, and then add 25% to that to be safe. that will be enough power to run your PC. I think your PSU will be enough to run what you have. 600W is plenty of power. From what i've read the efficiency of a quality power supply is between 75 and 85%.
  4. 600W should be plenty for your rig even with lower quality PSU as coolermaster.
    70% efficiency mean that if your rig takes all 600w your PSU is rated for, it will use 857W from your electricity bill.

    As arges86 sugested, try to fully load your CPU for at least hour and watch your temps if they stay under 60 you are ok. If it goes higher you have probably bad airflow.
    What cooler are you using and did you tried remove it apply new thermal paste and reseat cooler ?
  5. Intel says that the max temp for your proc. shouldn't exceed 62.2 C
    that temperature is taken where the processor and heat sink meet, not the core temp.
    (that area is where most temperature probes are placed.)
  6. hey thanks a lot xrodney and arges86

    my 25-27%load temps are about 70C :( (basic gaming)

    i have never removed the heat sink and everything is stock.
    so, now will i have to change the cabinet?

    from my analysis, the PSU is blowing air into the cabinet and there are inly 3 fans in total(processor fan, one on the rear, PSU)
  7. Oh well, you're not gonna be able to change the case, since dell motherboards won't fit with any other case(other than the dell they're designed for).

    The processor fan doesn't really matter for the airflow, so that leaves the PSU and the rear fan.
    Try setting the PSU fan for intake and the rear one for exhaust. If you have any other fan slots, buy some additional fans(high RPM would be lovely)and set them for intake. That should solve the problem.

    Or.. just buy an aftermarket CPU cooler, it will severely drop the temps and even leave room for some OC.
  8. arges86 said:
    I think your PSU will be enough to run what you have. 600W is plenty of power.

    True. You probably aren't using much more than 300 watts, so your PSU is operating at around 50% capacity.

    arges86 said:
    From what i've read the efficiency of a quality power supply is between 75 and 85%. above 80%.

    The PSU fan is designed to exhaust air from the case.

    50 C idle temps are high.

    If you have a case with poor air flow, an aftermarket CPU cooler will help somewhat, but it's no substitute for good airflow through the case. There's a reason why we like Antec and the better CoolerMaster cases.

    With a PSU of 70% efficiency operating at 50% capacity, you are generating the equivalent of two 60 watt bulbs just with the PSU. That's a fair amount of heat to try to get rid of.
  9. I'm so screwed aren't I?

    Can i use watercooling to solve my problem with the current PSU?
    I personally feel that the cabinet is cramped.
    Is there no solution to my problem?
  10. water cooling will work on the cpu and/or gpu. To my knowledge there isn't one made for the PSU.
    It seems strange that your power supply is blowing air into the case. Usually PSUs blow air outside of the case.

    If your going liquid cooling, i recommend the Corsiar Cooling Hydro Series
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