New SATA hard drive not detected even in bios

I am trying to install a SATA hard drive in an Insignia D300a. It only has an IDE connector and I'm using an IDE to SATA connector. The SATA hard drive isn't seen in the BIOS. Do I need to slipstream a new Windows XP disc? What drivers to I need to slipstream so that the computer will recognize the new SATA drive? Thanks....Des.
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  1. If it's not seen in the BIOS, nothing in Windows will help you. Try a different converter. May never work depending on how the motherboard works.
  2. Which converter are you using?

    Some converters adapt an IDE HDD to a SATA motherboard, whereas others adapt a SATA HDD to an IDE motherboard. Still others are bidirectional.
  3. SATA drives show in BIOS either Third or fourth IDE Master IDE Master. Be sure to have your IDE Operate edge defined as the enhanced mode, and improved support for S-ATA mode.
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