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I have a 1TB WD external hard drive. The subfolders in one of the directories on the drive cause explorer.exe to crash in XP. Hooked the drive up to a friend's Vista comp and all is fine. Also tried to run error check and it said windows could not complete disk check. Any ideas?
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  1. Do you have the directory structure nested so deep that a fully-qualified path exceeds 254 characters? That can cause issues.
  2. no. no where near 254 characters. the folder is E:\pics\pictures. I can go to that folder in explorer. But if I try to open any of the subfolders in that folder explorer.exe just ends. I have tried changing the file name and changing the folder view.
  3. What happens if you execute the following from a CMD window?

    dir E:\pics\pictures / s /p
  4. Also, try coping the folders over to a local disk, and does it still fail?
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