I am in the market for a new PSU. id like to know what people like/prefer/have had good experiences with. also, if youve had problems with certain psus pls let me know. this system will have to last me a while.
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  1. Corsair and Antec
  2. Corsair, Seasonic, PC Power & Cooling, and some of the newer Antec models.

    I just ordered the brand new Seasonic X650 Gold. Brand new design and 80+ Gold Certification for energy efficiency. UPS is delivering it today. :)
  3. My Antec Earthwatts 650w PSU ided on me, so I too have been in the market for a new one. One good thing about Antec is their customer service, so after a bit of haggling, they are sending me a brand new one.

    Now, for a number of reasons I am no longer happy with my Antec EA-650w, so I too have been in the market for a new PSU.

    The seasonic gold series seems great, but I am going with the Corsair HX-850W instead.
  4. Corsair is great as far as price/quality goes I think, they've got a long warranty and a very fast RMA process, at least in the US
  5. You forgot PC Power & Cooling.
  6. Cosair and Antec.
  7. PC Power and Cooling (now owned by OCZ) , Seasonic
  8. ^ True that, but the PSU PCB,etc designs are still created by PC Power & Cooling.
  9. you know what size psu i should get for a c2d lga775, biostar mobo, sata hd, 1gig RAM, sata dvdrom, geforce 9500 fanless pci-express. i am going to use an ultra 550w, but if thats a lousy psu LMK and ill get a corsair somethin-r-other
  10. The Corsair 400 would be enough for your configuration, a 550 would be a better option as it would allow you to upgrade to a much more powerful video card, but not an Ultra psu.
    The Antec TPN 550
    Usually more expensive than the Corsair, it is currently the same price as the TX550 ( after Corsair rebate ).
  11. is ultra lousy?
  12. no but not great
  13. Corsair, Enermax, Antec, Seasonic, Pc power&cooling,OCZ................
    Which ever has the best deal at the time of purchase, currently waiting for UPS to deliver this good deal for $45

    You can't beat he feeling of that little piece of paper you get with ever PC Power and Cooling that proves that the PSU is as legendary as the reviews say it is.
  15. no silverstone?
  16. No PCP&P and Seasonic? Fail.
  17. I've just ordered a Hi-Power Black 800W Modular 13.5cm Fan PSU - 4x PCI-E, 20+4pin, 6x SATA for £65. I think I needed a upgrade from my sweex 650 because Ive heard that a 5870 needs a pretty good PSU and I didnt want to kill my new GPU after only owning it for a couple of days! Especially after ive waiting so long for it to arrive!
  18. Easy, Seasonic. I don't know why there not on the poll.
  19. +1 Seasonic or Corsair (some of the Corsair's PSUs are manufactured by Seasonic)
  20. what happened to cooler master??no one seems to vote it!!
  21. poor ultra
  22. sayantan said:
    what happened to cooler master??no one seems to vote it!!

    Only the CoolerMaster's 650W+ units are "good" however, for a little more you can get a better PSU from Corsair.
  23. The only brand of PSU on your list that I might use or suggest would be Corsair.
    Cooler Master? Holy cow, every single one I have ever owned has went bad, I have owned 3 of them at one time or another.
    Personally, I prefer PC and Power Cooling over anything. Currently I am using a BGF LS series, that I had to buy in a pinch about a year ago, and has been doing pretty well.
  24. Am I the only one with even a little Thermaltake love?
  25. In US Corsair is number 1 and i can see why, they are truly outstanding performers and best value. I love also Enermax for the hi-quality and great standards. Is also manufacturers and is not sell re-branded products, but Enermax PSU are not cheap. For highest-quality only these 2.

    The rest of these nominated are good options less maybe TT, Cooler Master, Rosewill, Ultra. OCZ?
    In that list i think u show the best ...or the popular? Because there u may ad some of newest Xigmatec, Saphire, Gigabyte or oldest Tagan, Zalman, etc.
  26. PC Power & Cooling + Corsair
  27. ok thanks
  28. I have an Enermax infinity 720w... Quality build and reliable
  29. ^ Enermax PSUs are good but imo, they are over priced.
  30. Corsair, Antec, Seasonic.
  31. ^+5... Corsair, Antec (excluding BP) & SeaSonic
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