$1k PC first self built PC

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: within a month NO more than $1,000. i'm not a fan of MIR so please don't post anything that will go over $1k and then is like $980 with MIR. please read the bottom part before you choose the part of my post b4 u choose the parts ty.

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Games, Facebook, AIM, homework. my main game will be COD:MW2 so i just want to get 125+FPS in there.



PARTS PREFERENCES: by brand or type : really i could care less, i was looking at a phenom 2 550 BE and a 4870. so i mainly stick with asus/ati n amd/sapphire.. if there is a better deal then i'd rather get it.

OVERCLOCKING: this is my first build so i'm too scared to OC, so maybe. nty for SLI.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1920x1080 and below

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: uhm the case will already be an Antec 300 Illusion and a Antec EarthWatt 650W.


OS =


so for those together thats $483 so i that leaves the other components to be $517. HDD, MOBO, CPU, GPU, MEMORY all for $517.

and this is my first self built PC ever.. so im kind of worried about building it. are there any video guides out there? i saw one but it had all the old parts which was no help.
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  1. 125 fps lol, human eye cant detect over 35 fps. its better u wait the game comes out and see benchies.
  2. that thing is the biggest myth ever.. why don't you go play COD4 with 35FPS and then 125fps? you will see how much smoother everything is. second of all, it's 60FPS where you won't notice a difference. the reason why i want 125fps is because on the q3 engine you can jump further/move quicker shoot faster and have lower recoil.
  3. Best answer
    Unless you have a 120Hz monitor you will get no benefit from 125 vs 60 FPS, your hardware physically wont be able to display it as 99% of monitors are 60Hz vertical refresh rates.

    I would suggest this combo instead, it will save you $10

    550 and 790GX board $202

    XFX 4890 $195

    4GB DDR3 1333 CL7 $89

    comes up to 486 before $15 MIR, but if COD:MW2 is a quad threaded game then this build wont play it well. You really need to wait for the game to come out since thats what you intend to play mostly.
  4. yeah i was going after that combo deal :p with the PSU + case
    and i was thinking of the 550 and 770ud3-p since it's am3 and i can upgrade to a future quad core like a 955 or something or something better in 1-2 years and its possible to unlock the two extra cores with the 770

    as for the GPU i was looking at a 48701gb ddr5 sapphire since i dont have the money for the 4890 because i need a HDD as well :/ this GPU and this HDD?

    and ram i was looking at this since it's cheaper

    and for the FPS thing, trust me, on COD4 with 125 fps you're able to MOVE faster/ jump heigher and other things. i know i wont see a difference between smoothness and make a bit more tearing, but the game will be better so 125fps is necessary.
  5. I suggest this monitor.

    It's currently on sale and its a steal at $139.99. Get it ASAP!
  6. oh is there a bigger sized 1080p HDMI one? i need HDMI and 1080p because im gonna use this monitor as a TV as well and play on my PS3.
  7. ASUS VH242H Black 23.6" 5ms HDMI Full 1080P Widescreen LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 1000:1 (ASCR 20000:1) Built in Speakers - Retail
    I'm not sure if you can fit this into your budget

    ASUS VH222H-P Black 21.5" 5ms HDMI Widescreen Full HD 1080P LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 ASCR 20000 :1 Built in Speakers - Retail
    A little bit cheaper

    Hanns·G HH-241HPB Black 23.6" 5ms HDMI Widescreen LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 DC 15000:1(1000:1) Built in Speakers - Retail
  8. hmm i was looking at this one

    i could go with that 23.6" but do you think its worth $10 for an extra .6" ?
  9. Snakej's suggested monitor has a recommmended resolution of 1680 x 1050. This should put less strain on your GPU and you'll get better frame rates in comparison to the ones I suggested. It's also cheaper too. You should go with Snakej's suggestion since you want better FPS on COD:MW2.
  10. If your looking at a 4890 I would recommend upping that to a 5850 but then again those are going to drop in price pretty fast here, but its worth the extra 50$ thats for sure.

    4890 is plenty of CoD MW2

    As for monitors... The extra Size does nothing... Look at resolution that is the only thing that matters... if you get a 50" tv with 1080P it will be no clearer then a 23" monitor with 1920x1080.

    For the money this would be the one I'd recommend: Acer 23"

    In contrast you don't want something toooo small like I don't feel like a 21.5" is quite big enough for the 1080p but 23" is perfect, and anything bigger like a 25" with 1900x1200 is waaay more expensive so ya.
  11. yeah but guys i want to use this monitor as a TV as well so i can use it for my PS3. i'm not going to actually watch channels, i just want to use it for my PS3. hence the reason i need an HDMI slot. also, i know size doesn't matter as long as the res is good enough and lower res = higher FPS. i just want a 24/23" because i like having a big monitor for my PS3 it'll be easier for me to adjust from my 32". so if there is anything that is 23"-24" 1080p with an HDMI slot thats cheaper than $190 and is a good brand id take that. until then ill just stick with the asus one i provided.

    and if i get a Phenom 2 550 BE, Gigabyte AM3 770ud3-p, 4GB ddr3 1333 memory, 500GB samsung f3, and a sapphire 1gb ddr5 4870. how much FPS do u think i could get on COD4/MW2?
  12. hmm, do you know that a ps3 has 8 cores clocked at 3.2 GHZ ,t it has1 ppe and 7spu's (1 is reserved for the os)
    Each Cell processor contains 8 Synergistic Processing Units and a single 64-bit Power Architecture Unit (All are RISC designs with SIMD)
    Operates at >4GHz and capable of >256GFLOPS
    56KB Local Storage per SPU and 512KB L2 Cache (2.5MB total)
    128+ concurrent transactions to memory per processor
    High-speed internal element interconnect performing at 96B/cycle
    234 million transistors
    Prototype die size of 221mm^2
    Fabricated with 90nm SOI process technology.
    making it able to run HDMI with so much ease it doesnt even brake a sweat.

    Now try asking the same thing to this: Phenom 2 550 BE, Gigabyte AM3 770ud3-p, 4GB ddr3 1333 memory, 500GB samsung f3, and a sapphire 1gb ddr5 4870.

    get the point.

    " it'll be easier for me to adjust from my 32"...what happen to that 32", if i was you I'll use that 32" for my ps3, and my pc monitor will remain a 22", look there is people that game on 32",36",42" and even giants 52", now while the game looks awesome, try using that pc for everyday work, it become a little annoying, true is, that even if its a gaming computer monitor shouldn't be bigger than 24", otherwise it will limit your pc use to just gaming and nothing else, besides the fact that you will need a freaking 4th way SLI to run a game in such high resolutions, that or a ps3, if all you want is a 23.6" well then save more money for a 4890, and a better processor, because you don't want so much power in a video card that cant be use because its been bottlenecked by your Cpu.
  13. what the hell... o_O lol didnt know the ps3 was that complex thought it was 512mb of memory and a quad core 3.2ghz thats bout it.. never knew it had 8 cores O_O

    anyways my old PS3 + 32" tv will be used by my brother and i plan on using that 23" one. thats why im not using my 32".

    so what monitor do you recommend and what build do you recommend? should i go with like an i5 build? but i dont think i can go over 1k so idk if an i5 would work.

    i really cant go over 1k since i'm only 14 and this is my parents money not mine so all i have is that and thats it. i was thinking of like a $800PC and then like $200 monitor.. what sucks is i actually have to buy the OS so i cant have like a real $800 pc and then $200 monitor since $100 of that $800 is already used up by the OS.

    you seem very intelligent so what do you recommend i do? i just want 125fps and that is it.
  14. wait so the current build with the 550 and a 4870 would not get me 125fps on max settings? if i could then wouldnt it be smarter to buy it and then upgrade to a quad core in a year or two since the AM3 socket will still be used?

    and for the monitor, if you know any that are 21.5-23 then please link me. but make sure they are HDMI and 1080p HD unless there is no difference between 1080pHD and no 1080p either way it has to be HDMI.

    also can u link me to a video guide that shows how to assemble a PC? it seems really complicated o_o
  15. ok read this first, it will help you a lot:
    but so you don't have to go reading all night this is what i want you to look at, see phenom II x3 build for $726.98 and a 4870 well that will let yo do 1920x1080 or less

    which is a 23.5" monitor like this one :

    but that still wont get you 125fps on COD:mW2, because the 4870 will only allow you high settings with some mixes between mid and high at that resolution, if u can live with that, then that as low as u can go for a budget gaming system including a monitor for 1k.
  16. just curious, why the X3 over the X2? do you think it'd be possible to unlock the fourth core with the x3 like you can with the x2? and are there any over clocking guides since i want to OC since 2.8ghz doesnt seem like enough for me O_O

    and that monitor looks good, but i think i changed my mind again. ima wait till my brother gets home but this is what i wanna do. i dont think i should get a monitor with an HDMI slot since i wont be playing on my PS3 too much. and i can live with a lower resolution just not somethign too low like id prefer 1600x1000 i think thats what it is. are there any monitor with that res that are 22"+? HDMI for this one doesnt matter. thanks alot again.
  17. welll in that case go with this, its just $10 more but its bigger

    About the X3, unlocking a core isnt guarantee in any way, so x3 just give a little head performance when multitasking thats all, don't go expecting you can Oc the heck out of it, because even the Phenom II 955 is hard to over clock when you not sure of what you doing, how ever there are many people who have got it to 3.3-3.5 range which is really good, if you consider that from 3.2 i have just been able to get to 3.758 with my Phenom II 955, anything above that doesn't really show much performance increase other than making my pc really hot.

    here is a guide/review on over clocking the 720
  18. oh ok. but wouldnt the monitor i picked be a better choice since it's lower in resolution? 16x10 should work for a 4870 shouldnt it?
  19. well ya thats right, but for 23.6" monitor at that price is a good deal, it will be only for the weekend, and like we said that 4870 should be able to handle it with mix settings.
  20. okay :p i guess ima jsut buy that monitor this weekend and then in a week or two buy the actual CPU. are there any video guides on how to assemble a PC? im kinda worried.. n i heard somethings about frying your parts by static charge or something.. o_O wats thaT?
  21. 2 capNoo, that mobo is ddr2 capable only,,it won't support ddr3, u need the 790xt or 790fx version, I'm on my G1 right and I can't link you, some1 hekp me out here with a link.
  22. agh i'll just find some DDR2 memory then. i just found those parts in another thread didnt pay attention to everything.
    or hmm which do you recommend? going with a DDR3 mobo or buying DDR2 memory?
  23. okay going with that mobo :) and the previous gpu + memory
  24. hey! i am going to buy the student windows 7 deal and some acer 22" 1920x1080 monitor BUT i upgraded the parts.

    TOTAL $839.88 w/ $70 MIR
    [mobo + cpu]

    [gpu + memory]

    [heat sink]




    i have a question. will that PSU support this machine fine? im just gonna play games like MW2 for long periods of time and having mIRC + like winamp and aim running. i wont OC so i mite probably just use the stock fan since 3.4ghz is enough for me lol. and finally.. will this get me 125fps at 1920x1080p on mw2??
  25. help? someone?
  26. someone helpp pleasee im going to buy it very soon
  27. all right thanks :P just wondering, what would be better the 4890 or the 5770? i was looking at the 5770 because it looks more future proof and the 5xxx series apparently are more power efficient and stuff. which one is faster/worth buying?

    was looking at some reviews and i was a bit shocked. the 5770 overpowers the 4890 at everything but it has a 128 bit bus compared the 256 4890 bus. so the 4890 only has a bandwidth advantage over the 5770. would that be much of an issue? i mean its $50 less than the 4890 and is more power efficient while delivering the same speeds.
  28. 5770 or 4890 guys?
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