SSD Speed dropped tremendously!

Hey guys - I own a Crucial M4 128GB never had a issue until now. I took a member's advice from here and did not install Intel RST driver upon doing a fresh OS installation on the ssd. Previously on CDM My sequential read speed was 400mb+... i dont know what i was thinking but today i installed the Intel RST and now my seq read is only up to 260mb ish... I tried unistalling the RST driver but CDM seq cant go up more than 260mb.

The reason why i downloaded the RST was because right now my SSD is set up as RAID under my bios (not actual raid) and using a 320gb HDD as backup storage. I wanted to switch to AHCI so after reading some info i changed the DWORD in registery (HLKM-Currentcontrolset-service-msachi and set the start for 0 from 3). I did rechange the registry value back to what it was and still did not fix the issue. My guess is that something from the Intel RST driver changed the registry value or not fully unistalled...

Anyone know a way to resolve this? By the way i already have done ALL possible SSD tweaks before this issue im just really bummed - as a last resort i can format/re-install and hopefully that fixes it but i really don't want to take the route
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  1. SSDs slow down after being used for a bit.
  2. That can be an indication your garbage collection isn't could be trim or something windows 7 install is now 8months old and my reads/writes are practically the same...

    either way I wouldn't worry about it, because your read/writes aren't affecting your performance anyway, you are using a boot drives so your access times are what truly matter.
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