Question on Athlon IIx4 stock fan

System specs:
Athlon II x4 620
Asus M3N78-VM motherboard (nvidia 8200)
600W modxstream
2x1GB mushkin ram at 1013.4MHz

Recently purchased Athlon IIx4 and using stock HSF. Overclocked to stable 3.29GHz on stock voltage.
idle temperature: 23C
Load maximum: 50C
processor fan speed: ~3500RPM (maximum)

Stock fan will not lower its speed automatically according to cpu usage and/or temperature even on idle.
Could this have to do with disabling power saving features in the bios? If not, what could the problem be and is there a solution? I'm not too versed with what controls the fan speed automatically.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Check that you plugged it into the cpu fan connector on the mobo and not the northbridge or one of the case fan connectors.
  2. I don't believe the "stock" CPU fan has speed control. I believe it runs a one speed all of the time...

    Hopefully someone else will have some insight or different information stating otherwise.
  3. Thanks guys. Yep connected to the right one. And I was pretty sure that it does have a speed control. Isn't that what the fourth pin is for?
    Anyone else?
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    There should be something in your BIOS about automatic fan speed control, not sure exactly what it'll be called as I'm sure it varies between boards, but it should be in there. Every stock heat sink I've owned has had variable speed if I turned that feature on.
  5. Thanks for all your input. I managed to find that fan control option under the hardware monitor in my bios. Smart Q-fan Function. Goes down to ~2700RPM below 45C (ie pretty much 100% usage). Now the fan isn't noticeable unless I'm using that much CPU (it used to be the loudest fan in my antec three hundred).
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