Xfx radeon 5770 vs msi gtx 275

xfx radeon 5770 vs msi gtx 275, which is better?
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  1. The 5770 performs similarly to a 4870, a GTX275 performs similarly to a 4890. The 5770 may get improved performance through driver improvements but in DX10 games the GTX275 will likely remain better.
  2. The GTX 275 competes with the HD 4890. If you go a little bit above, you can get an HD 5850 which is better than both.
  3. practically GTX275 will be better. in recent benchmark it shows that 5770 is in HD4870 / GTX260 range performance and GTX275 is clearly better than this two. but the HD5770 supports new dx11 and the GTX 275 doesn't have that. if you want better performance either CF the HD5770 or get single HD5850
  4. GTX275 wins quite a margin over 5770. a 5770 isnt a bad choice unless gaming at 30inch then u may want to get stronger card
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