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Overclocking my Phenom II Help would be appreciated

So I decided to Overclock my cpu for the first time, I am a full time programmer so spend so much time with software I will admit hardware is more hobby and there is always somthing to learn here are my specs and what I have dones so far...

AMD Phenom II X4 945 3.0ghz Deneb
Asus M4A78T-E
(not that it matters but 8gigs ddr3 1600mhz, 4850x2, 800watt power supply)

Okay instead of using the multiplier in the bios and adjusting voltage there, even though Im not a big fan, this way if somthing is messed up my bios is always safe and I can get back to windows I decided to use Turbo V, I was told it is good to use with my chip. I know my chips is not unlocked like black editions so not as easy to do everything) anyway I put it up too
220mhz cpu frequency and voltage is at 1.375 have not adjusted I put it up a small amount and got a blue screen also got blue screen at the stock 1.375voltage, granted I was running alot of stuff so this time doing it without anything big running. I am watching temps and will keep updated. Anyway with the blue screen I feel I might be going about wrong way so if you guys could help be amazinhg. I want to start small maybe 3.2 to 3.4 ghz and watch temp for awhile.
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More about overclocking phenom appreciated
  1. Hi.

    You need keep this in mind, your CPU frequency, DRAM frequency, HT frequency and NB frequency depends of your reference clock or FSB. Your CPU is locked multiplier, so, if you change the FSB you also change all the frequencies and the stock voltage aren't enough for keep the rig stable.

    Change the FSB for change the CPU frequency but keep the DRAM, HT and NB frequency at sock settings.
  2. Thats a 10% bump you are trying right off the bat as well. When you have to overclock using the bus speed, you are overclocking everything else in the system as well. Start out small, 205, 208, 210, etc. easy does it and see how everything else reacts. Overclocking memory usually kills you right off the bat. Don't use overclocking softwares, do it manually in the BIOS, you will soon master it with a little practice.
  3. CPU Frequency 200mhz
    CPU Voltage 1.275
    DRAM Voltage 1.6 (wierd the G.Skill DDR3 1600mhz is supposed to be 1.5 if I am not mistaken should I change?)
    CPU/NB 1.2

    Okay there is the info hopefully you can help, and yes I have been going up in 5's like 205,210,215, but I know I need to increase voltage as I go up, and I just want to ask questions before hand to prevent problems. Its funny I can code a number of lanquages and besides workin in a computer science field, I am constantly fixing computers for friends, and I always tell them just cause I know software doesnt mean I know that much about hardware. So I deffinetly do not want to pretend I know what I am doing and screw things up. I love building the machines but besides what can be done in ATI or Nvidias video card software with overclocking them which now a days the cards are already being pushed pretty damn good I havent done much of this so excited but carefull lol....k well hopefully you guys can help me so we can keep going with this. Also I attatched the info from HWmonitor in case somthing doesnt appear right, I deleted all the binary and extra stuff and pasted it.

    PUID HWMonitorPro Report
    Mainboard Model M4A78T-E (0x000001F7 - 0x00A955E4)

    Hardware Monitors

    Hardware monitor ITE IT87
    Voltage 1 1.63 Volts [0x66] (VIN1)
    Voltage 2 1.15 Volts [0x48] (VIN2)
    Voltage 3 5.08 Volts [0xBD] (+5V)
    Voltage 6 2.03 Volts [0x7F] (VIN6)
    Voltage 7 3.95 Volts [0xF7] (VIN7)
    Voltage 8 3.36 Volts [0xD2] (VBAT)
    Temperature 0 41°C (105°F) [0x29] (TMPIN0)
    Temperature 1 39°C (102°F) [0x27] (TMPIN1)
    Fan 0 3000 RPM [0xE1] (FANIN0)
    Fan 1 2657 RPM [0xFE] (FANIN1)
    Fan PWM 0 99 pc [0x7F] (FANPWM0)
    Fan PWM 1 99 pc [0x7F] (FANPWM1)
    Fan PWM 2 99 pc [0x7F] (FANPWM2)

    Hardware monitor AMD SB6xx/7xx
    Voltage 0 1.26 Volts [0x1AF] (CPU VCore)
    Voltage 1 3.46 Volts [0x273] (CPU IO)
    Voltage 2 12.23 Volts [0x26B] (+12V)

    Hardware monitor ATI I/O
    Temperature 0 51°C (123°F) [0x33] (TMPIN0)

    Hardware monitor AMD ADL
    Voltage 0 1.05 Volts [0x416] (VIN0)
    Temperature 0 51°C (123°F) [0x33] (TMPIN0)

    Hardware monitor ATI I/O
    Temperature 0 54°C (129°F) [0x36] (TMPIN0)


    Number of processors 1
    Number of threads 4


    Processor 0
    -- Core 0
    -- Thread 0 0
    -- Core 1
    -- Thread 0 1
    -- Core 2
    -- Thread 0 2
    -- Core 3
    -- Thread 0 3

    Processors Information

    Processor 1 ID = 0
    Number of cores 4 (max 4)
    Number of threads 4 (max 4)
    Name AMD Phenom II X4 945
    Codename Deneb
    Specification AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 945 Processor
    Package Socket AM3 (938)
    CPUID F.4.2
    Extended CPUID 10.4
    Brand ID 13
    Core Stepping RB-C2
    Technology 45 nm
    TDP Limit 94 Watts
    Core Speed 3010.2 MHz
    Multiplier x FSB 15.0 x 200.7 MHz
    HT Link speed 2006.8 MHz
    Stock frequency 3000 MHz
    Instructions sets MMX (+), 3DNow! (+), SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4A, x86-64, AMD-V
    L1 Data cache 4 x 64 KBytes, 2-way set associative, 64-byte line size
    L1 Instruction cache 4 x 64 KBytes, 2-way set associative, 64-byte line size
    L2 cache 4 x 512 KBytes, 16-way set associative, 64-byte line size
    L3 cache 6 MBytes, 48-way set associative, 64-byte line size
    FID/VID Control yes
    FID range 4.0x - 15.0x
    Max VID 1.275 V

    Graphic APIs


    Display Adapters

    Display adapter 0
    Name Radeon HD 4850 X2
    Codename RV770
    Technology 55 nm
    GPU ref clock 100000
    PCI device bus 3 (0x3), device 0 (0x0), function 0 (0x0)
    Vendor ID 0x1002 (0x174B)
    Model ID 0x9443 (0xE870)

    Display adapter 1
    Name Radeon HD 4850 X2
    Codename RV770
    Technology 55 nm
    GPU ref clock 100000
    PCI device bus 4 (0x4), device 0 (0x0), function 0 (0x0)
    Vendor ID 0x1002 (0x174B)
    Model ID 0x9443 (0xE870)

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    I can tell you that on the Phenom II's I have, I can run the bus up to about 218 without changing the CPU voltage, they both (920 and 965BE) will run at that bus speed stable on stock voltages.
  5. Is yours a Black Edition or a Deneb?
  6. LOL, both, I have one of each!
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