Advice for 1st timer?

Thinking of trying my first overclock. Just built a new comp and never messed with OCing before. Anyways my seuup is:

AMD Athlon x3 455. Unlocked 4th core and reading Phenom II x4 B55, 8gb ram, Sapphire 6870.

Looking at AMD Overdrive im set at GPU 900, Mem 1050.

36c and 21% fan speed.

Now the big question. Do I just slide one step at a time and monitor heat and look for glitchyness? I've read some posts on what settings others use.

I'll read some more info and articles but any advice appreciated. In a nutshell is it rocket science or am I nervous for no reason?

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  1. you may wanna go for bios overclocking, its easier in the end


    (if its unlocked ajust the cpu multiplier)
    but its probaly not unlocked so, ajust the cpu/ht ratio

    keep raising it up, use a program like prime 95 to stress it, somthing like speedfan to monitor temps

    when it crashes/gives a rounding error(prime95 thing) ajust the vcore higher untill you reach a stable point, repeat untill youve reached a point where the cpu tops ~60-70C
  2. Well i guess u r asking abt gpu overclocking
    There quite a few methods (procedures)
    Here is a guide which i used and maybe useful for u
    Remember _ Patience is the key to overclock
    N keep a tab on temps ( n power consmption too plays a imp role though im newbie at it )
    gl hf
    Keep updating ur progress here :)
  3. For OC'ing CPU and GPU, you must do it one at a time and step by step. I will take quite some time (especially stability testing) For CPU its usually done in the BIOS while GPU OC is done via program. CPU OC is done either by raising the BCLK or the CPU multiplier or both (voltage tweaks may be done).

    GPU OC can be done with a variety of programs. moving the Core clock, shader clock, memory clock and voltage.

    move these settings one at a time until you reach the limit then move to the next setting.
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