Hard Dive FAILED:( Need Help ASAP

Hi all, I am having a huge problem at the moment. I purchased a new Hitachi Deskstar 5K3000 2TB hard drive (MAR 2011) a few days ago and transferred all my data to it after a few hours use including important documents and now it has stopped working, it does not spin at all. I have purchased, from the same store, another hard drive of the same model, all the firmware is the same (FM: 580) and I switched the boards but this has not made a difference...

I really need help in this matter as I will be loosing a lot of data some very important, I have not contacted the store yet as I dont want to risk someone getting access to that data. Is there any way I can recover this data? (should I try the freezer option) if not can I destroy the data so there is no chance of future recovery if I return it to the store? (put a magnet on it) Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.
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  1. I hope you didn't destroy the previous copies of the data after putting it on this hard drive. That would be a very bad idea. I would hope that you have nothing on the drive that you don't have another copy of.

    I'm sorry to hear that the drive failed, but I think I'd prefer that it failed almost immediately, rather than in six months' time when it held large amounts of new data.

    If you are desperate to be certain of the data destruction, then you have to destroy the drive (disassemble the drive and cut up the platters). That does make it rather hard to return :) Otherwise, without access to the drive, there's not much you can do.
  2. A straight board swap on a Hitachi drive will not work. You need to move the "adaptive" data in the NVRAM chip from patient to donor. In fact, there is a real risk that you may damage both drives by doing what you've done. AIUI, under some conditions there is a risk of NVRAM overwrite.

    If you are not adept at soldering, your local TV/AV repair shop should be able to do the NVRAM transfer for you.

    If you would like to troubleshoot your drive, upload a detailed photo of the component side of the PCB and I'll point out some of the test points and the locations of the various components.

    BTW, I'm assuming that the drive makes no sound at all, and that it does not vibrate as if it is trying to spin up.
  3. Sometimes I get this message in one of my computers when I start the computer and let the flash drive that use.i simply remove the flash drive and reboot.this could be your problem too?
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