Which cooler should i use

Hi! which cooler should i use for core i5 ?
Cooler Master cooler HYPER 212 PLUS
Coollaboratory Liquid Pro,Is it any good?
I M VERY GRATEFUL for any help
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  1. What do you care about? Size? Heat dissipation? Quietness? Obviously heat dissipation is important but what else is important do you? Would you sacrifice a few degrees for a quiet cooler for example?
    You can find some excellent reviews online for each of those coolers by typing in "name of cooler review" into google without quotes to find data and testing on them.
  2. Thanks! i want best cooler for oc
  3. kaupo1 said:
    Thanks! i want best cooler for oc

    Are you saying that you care about heat dissipation the most and don't care at all about anything else including noise and your case has room for any of those?

    Oh, I don't know much about the ones you've mentioned but from what I have read the OCZ vendetta II is good and at a good price.

    Anyway hope you find some benchmarks and figure it out or someone who has one of those personally sees your post.
  4. Thanks,case is big and dont care about noise
  5. I think you can't get wrong with the CM Hyper 212 Plus. check FrostyTech for reference.
  6. thanks!
  7. do you have any special preference for these brands? If you want the best, then its none of them
  8. No,just found in local shop,which is the best?
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