Asus p5k and p5k se same bios?

I was updating my p5k bios with the same program asus provides but it failed and now it doesn't even starts. It doesn't recognise floppy neither. Asus support tells me to use AFUDOS utility, but since the floppy doesn't work, it' s no possible. Changing the bios chip will work? I found on ebay flashed bios, they say it's for "P5K SE". My question is, will this work on my P5k??
Apart from this "ebay solution" is there anything else I ca do to fix it?
Thanks a lot!!
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  1. no it must be the exact same board, including revision number if there is one

    there should be an option to flash from usb which would be my next suggestion

    if that fails contact asus i was just in another thread that said asus sent them a new chip no charge
  2. Ok! Thanks! I'll try with the usb again, I guess you mean with the afudos app? And if it doesn't work I'll contact with asus again...
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