1066 FSB Processor with 1333 DDR3 RAM?

I have an older Intel Quad Core processor (Q6600)and I was looking to purchase the Intel DP45SG Motherboard which shows compatible with my processor, but do I need to purchase 1066MHZ FSB RAM or can I buy 1333MHZ DDR3 RAM? I know the board supports the memory and processor, but I am wondering if there would be any issues with the FSB on the processor and the memory being different? I am wanting to upgrade both the motherbooard and RAM.
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  1. Here on some links to help:


    Memory I was thinking of getting:

    And the processor specs from Intel:

    Nothing would be overclocked (at least for now.) I just don't want to have to return something or have any problems. I am tired of the blue screens on my current setup.

    Thanks for the replies ahead of time.
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    if your ram is faster you can either run it synchronous with the cpu, or have it running quicker than the cpu needed (asynchronous).

    if you overclock then having the headroom on the ram would be useful.
  3. They should work together, but do you have any idea as to why you're getting BSODs with your current system? If they're not related to the motherboard or memory, then your issue won't be resolved. Switching to an Intel DP45SG and DDR3 memory is not a guarantee that you'll end up with a more stable system.
  4. The current motherboard was cheap and has always given me problems. The only hardware that I am keeping with the old system is the case and 600W PS. I already have most the other parts and am planning a complete rebuild with Windows 7 ultimate 64bit.

    Final setup will (hopefully) be:
    Intel DP45SG Motherboard
    Corsair PC10600 1333MHz 4GB DDR3
    Intel QuadCore Q6600 2.4Ghz
    HIS EVGA e-GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB (hand-me-down, considering upgrading)
    2 x Seagate 500GB 7200rpm HDs (planning on running Raid0)
    600W PS
    Windows 7 ultimate 64bit
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