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Last November I decided I wanted to build a good PC for use on my living room TV, hadn't messed with any technology in years (Last personal computer I had was in my teen years in the mid 90's) due to the ever present nature of drugs and alcohol in my system at the time so not only was I rusty I had all but burned away any knowledge I had before that. Once I got back on my feet my love for technology rekindled. I read Building a PC for dummies and studied like a madman for months finally assembling it in its first form in March with some additional upgrades recently.

Now that it is done and in the shape I wanted it in I figured I would see what everyone thought, I dont have any computer savvy friends (or any at all lol!) so cant really get any input from anyone except my wife and she is less then helpful with at most a "Thats nice honey" so you guys are my source of comments, compliments and criticism.

Feel free to be honest, its the only way I will learn where to improve. Oh and I know my cable management sucks, the cables are all a little too short to run any which direction but straight, I have however made sure that any excess cable is tucked along side the hard drive cages do it doesnt obstruct airflow (as illustrated by the picture taken through the top fan cage) it just looks ugly.

The planned upgrades on the table at this point in order of importance are 1) 5870 Toxic (hopefully will be released by Tax time) 2) blue ray drive 3) 700w-800w PSU 4) Antec 900

Stats are as follows
CPU: Phenom II 940 @ 3.5ghz
CPU cooler: Rosewill RCX-Z940-SL
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3
GPU: Sapphire Radeon 4870 Toxic 1gb @805mhz/1005mhz
RAM: Kingston Hyper X 8gb @1066
HD: 320gb WD Caviar blue
HD:500gb WD RE3
HD: 250gb WD RE
PSU: 500w Antec Smartpower
Case: Antec 300 w/1x140mm top (exhaust), 1x120mm rear (exhaust), 2x120mm front (intake)
Optical Drive: ASUS CD/DVD burner with lightscribe
OS: Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit
Display: 32in Vizio 1080p LCD TV
Audio: Samsung 5.1 Surround sound system
KB/Mouse: Logitec EX100 Wireless keyboard and mouse
Peripheral: Saitek x52 HOTAS

all controlled from the comfort of my recliner (best part in my opinion)

3dMark Vantage score 10,229 (I expected more but don't really care either, it plays games well for the most part, and I can finally see what all the fuss is about with Crysis, too bad the game really isnt fun enough to stick around and enjoy the scenery)

Depending on abient temp which can vary greatly here in California CPU temps fluctuate between between 28°c & 40°c from idle to load with the GPU fluctuating between 35°c & 48°c

View from my recliner

Distance view of main internals

Distance view of hard drive cages and cables shoved into side compartment

View through hard drive cages from intake fan cage showing lack of obstructions

Close view of GPU, CPU cooler and Ram

Close view of hard drive cages and "Cable Management"

I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to look this over and give me some feedback, thank you ahead of time.
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  1. glitch caused double thread post, please use other thread for votes and responses, thank you
  2. the build is well constructed. great to see your back in the tech world!
    you should post some benchmarks of it

    one thing id change about it would be a differant HSF, the one your using isnt taking advantage of your exhaust fan. Overall, nicely done :)
  3. Thanks man, I appreciate your input, what do you mean when you say the HSF isn't utilizing the exhaust fan.Its not ideal by any means but the the HSF blows up through the heat sink and out through the top exhaust, im sure 2 fans so close together causes all sorts of turbulence but the 140mm up top seems to handle it well. Now you got me curious lol.
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