Sata3 ssd on a sata2 mobo?

I heard that you can use a sata3 ssd on a motherboard that is only sata2,but obviously only get sata 2 speeds. Is this correct? I want to get a ssd but not ready to replace my mobo and chip and thought this would be a good way to upgrade to a ssd and then in about a year upgrade chip and mobo.


P55M-GD45 msi
2.67 gigahertz Intel Core i5 750
Win7 64bit
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  1. Yes, SATA versions are cross-compatible so you can use a SATA3 SSD on a SATA2 motherboard. This will limit the maximum transfer rate of the SSD, but only the very fastest SSDs actually saturate a SATA2 port. And the biggest benefit of an SSD isn't the transfer rate - it's the access time, and that will be just as fast no matter what kind of SATA connection you use.
  2. Great,thanks!!
  3. ^5 +1 what sminlal said!
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