Sapphire radeon hd4870 512 toxic

hi, is there a bios update for sapphire radeon hd4870 512 toxic noisy fan thanks john. :sol:
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  1. why did you need to update the bios? does your fan running at 100% at all time? if it becomes noisy during playing games i think that is normal
  2. +1 for no need for updating bios. If you use automatic, the fan speed should be under 100% all times so either it's quiet and your sticking your face in your pc case or you manually put it at 100% so you can't complain
  3. thanks for your reply as i was looking on the internet about this graphics card and somebody said that a lot of people were complaining about the noise from the fan to ati so one of them said ati has brought out a bios update and flash program.i dont no if there is any truth in this.thanks john.
  4. ah yes i heard that a lot about 4890 being noisy. there is one guy that gets annoyed with the noisy since the 4890 fans are more louder than his speaker
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