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There is no 'Eject' icon (green arrow) on bottom task bar possibly due to my flash drive is recognized as a Local drive and not a removeable drive. On two other machines, the same flash drive is recognized as removeable; therefore, the eject icon is visible. How do I get my Windows XP to recognize the flash drive as 'removable', or how do I get the eject icon to appear on the task bar? Thanks.
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  1. Simple solution, until you find the correct solution, Just right click the drive and select eject.

    The only caution on pulling a thumb drive out is exit any window that displays the drive, verify no writing.
  2. If you format your flash drive as a FAT32 partition, you won't need to eject it at all. FAT32 is perfectly portable and safe to plug-unplug at your will without any steps further. Anyways if you want to boot on your USB stick you'll have to use FAT32, so better format it now as FAT32 and put all this behind you.
  3. ^ must insure that No data is being writen to the drive before unplugging - independent of format (Fatxx or ntfs)
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