How to get a Windows XP install disc?

Hi, I'm repairing an old IBM ThinkPad R50e, and I finally got the computer to boot into BIOS. I can adjust everything, but I don't have a Windows XP install disc.
I'll get to the details.
So, I can boot into BIOS and everything works, but I need a Windows XP install disc.
I have a reinstall disc but it's designed for Dell systems and it can't boot from it.
It doesn't have a floppy drive, just a CD drive.
I'm also worried that the hard drive is broken because it won't boot into anything with the hard drive in, and XP should be on the hard drive, but it isn't.
The computer hasn't been used for years, and I've been working on the computer for a couple of months, on and off.
I'm gonna buy a PATA (hard drive is OLD!) to USB connector to check if the hard drive is broken through my computer.
Is there a way to get/burn a Windows XP Home Premium install CD?
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  1. In order to use the license key on the laptop you will need an OEM install disk for that laptop.
  2. I decided to just install Linux Ubuntu. It's installing right now, and I have to let it install on an external hard drive... so that's what I'll do I guess. I have no other choice, as either the internal hard drive or internal hard drive plugs are broken.
  3. Ubuntu is currently my favorite version of Linux. Good luck!
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