2500k Overclock BSOD #124 Quesiton

Morning guys,

I've been having some bizzare difficulties whilst overclocking my new 2500k.

I currently have it at a fixed voltage of 1.34v @ 4.5ghz for stability.

I had it at 1.3v 2 hours Prime Stable with Custom FFTs of 128 - 2048k but as soon as I started browsing the interwebs it bluescreened (after closing Prime)

I am aware that the BSOD 124 tends to be related to VCORE issues, but as I said - its fine during Prime95 but not during normal tasks and VCORE tends to Droop to 1.296v on load so it shouldnt be an Issue with a Lack of VCORE.

I currently have -

- LLC on Ultra High
- VRM @ 350khz
- Phase Control on Extreme
- Duty Control on Extreme
- C1 Disabled
- C3 & C6 Enabled
- PLL overvoltage enabled
- Turbo disabled (4.5Ghz on all Cores)
- Memory on 1.65v
- PLL Votage on 1.875
- Speedstep Enabled
- EPU Disabled

Any suggestions?

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    BSOD Code 0x124 is lack of Vcore, opening IE may use a different instruction set to what prime95 uses.
    Prime95 is a good general stability test but it doesn't necessarily mean a prime stable overclock is going to be stable in everything else.

    Do you still get Bluescreens at 1.34V?
  2. No I dont get one at 1.34v - I was thinking Firefox could be doing something like that.

    Imma mess about with it tonight trying to get it IBT Stable using a combination of BLCK & Multiplier tweaks. I think 103.2 is a sweetspot for mine, ASUS Autotune seems to like that number.

    I was looking for someone who could advise me on some mobo specific stable settings (my specs are in my sig)
  3. I'd personally leave BLCK @ 100 as it effects your HDD's and so could corrupt data.

    Are you running custom water cooling?, I can see from your sig you run 5Ghz @ 1.51V, I did the same before on custom water and didn't notice any degradation over a 5 month period but my temps were <60C under prime95. I take it 5Ghz is just for benching?

    Why stop at a stress testing program? if you want to know if its stable, load up IBT, 3DMark11, do some web browsing, watch a film on your PC ETC...

    If its stable it'll run whatever you like
  4. BLCK affects HDDs? I knew it affected memory but not anything else O.o People increase BLCK to get stable overclocks all the time.

    I'm running air cooling pal, 73C after 8 hours of Prime isnt too bad for an air cooled system @ 1.51v 5ghz, I was testing the chips stability and the Heatsinks performance over the 8 hours, I'm never gonna run it at those speeds other than when I get my 7970 to run 3Dmark Vantage/11. If I can get it stable at 1.3v @ 4.5Ghz I'll be happy for a 24/7 OC As the extra 500Mhz wont make ANY difference to games at all - Sandy Bridge is way too strong.

    I discovered there have been 2 instances of BIOS revision that have increased stability on the board - Ver 601 and Ver 1101 - Im gonna play about with 1101 tonight and see.

    And thats the thing, it was stable when I was running Firefox and Prime95, but as soon as I closed prime down it crashed.
  5. I'll see if I can find the article I read on BLCK overclocking

    73C is very good for air cooling with that voltage, let us know how you get on with the new BIOS :)
  6. Cheers bro, it would be nice to have a thread full of settings for 2500k overclocks, I remember back in the day with my Q6600, there were hundreds of threads for overclocking them on the 680i chipset, cause every bugger was having problems xD

    I'll make sure I post results on this thread - it won't be till around 8pm GMT though.
  7. I miss the s775 days, more of a community, more settings and more excitement. looking forward to seeing your results though
  8. I think Kentsfield was the single greatest leap in CPU technology in the last 10 years, back in 2007 when Quad Cores never existed and Dual Cores were only just getting a foot in, out comes a Quad Core that can overclock to 3.6ghz on air and destroy every single benchmark that was thrown at it. I had a Q6600@3.6Ghz (before it degraded) with 2 8800GTs in SLI, 4GB of CL4 DDR2 800Mhz. It was a rediculously fast machine...the memories....
  9. When the Q6600 was released I upgraded to the E8400, It was a monster overclocker and it looked like I made the right choice for awhile as not many games/programs used more than1/2 cores. It soon lost its edge though when more multi threaded games/programs came out.
    My friend still has his Q6600 overclocked to 3.4Ghz since launch, certainly stood the test of time.
  10. Running Prime95 Blend at the moment while watching interwebs TV @ 4.8ghz 1.41v - temps are at 58 - 63C with fan speed on 60%
    The new BIOS is working nicely - I'm also running Offset Vcore - down to 0.986v on idle. Should ensure the longevity of my 2500k
  11. Nice temps and voltage! :) I hope its stable.

    I tried to use offset with my CPU but my PC randomly restarts when it goes down to its idle state, doesn't seem to be stable with the reduced voltage.
  12. Oddly enough the VID on my Chip was 1.36v - So when I put LLC to Ultra the Vcore jumped to 1.41v on max load - so I thought, thats stupidly high, lets try a 4.8ghz clock. As a result, Ive left the voltage on Auto for the CPU O.o

    Offset is a strange one, but there is a nice thread on ROG Forums written by an ASUS rep explaining how to use it.

    In Simple terms if you use Offset (-) it will drop both the load VCORE and the Idle VCORE by the same amount - leaving you with the issue of "Is my VCORE too low at idle" If you use Offset (+) it will increase your Load VCORE by the set amount but your Idle VCORE by only half that. Altering your base CPU Voltage can also help with the issue.

    2 hours Prime Stable + Interwebs ( xD ) and counting.
  13. Yeah I remember the VID of my 2600K being really high aswell (atleast 1.35V)

    I'll do abit more research into the offset voltage and try and get it to work, its weird I could get it stable with offset under load but when it idles it would sometimes crash (no BSoD, just PC restart).

    2Hrs is a positive start, I usually find my overclocks fail within the first 20 minutes if there going to fail.

    Damn you deadjon, I've got the urge to start overclocking again! :P :) might mess around with BLCK as I can't find the article I read about BLCK overclocking.
  14. I just whacked mine to 102.2 with a multi of 47 - Its clear my CPU/Mobo combo responds well to a combination of a small BLCK alteration and a 1x lower Multi to even out. The RAM speed has only gone up by about 30mhz, and considering its 1.35v RAM, Ive put it up to 1.5v to be sure of stability.

    I would strongly suggest you have a go with Offset, its nice to watch your Vcore drop to 1.00v when your chilling out and not doing something taxing, It gives you the feeling that your chip is gonna last.

    The SB Chips are the strangest ones yet. If you had an LGA775 chip with an unusually high Vcore you were pretty much screwed, this time I honestly think Intel have a random number generator for Vcore values and shove CPUs through a machine that prints the VCORE onto them xD - cause technically ive only put the VCORE up by 0.04v and I've got a pretty much ~45% OC

    And good, OCing is time consuming but by god its rewarding - Knowing I'm getting 45% extra performance permanently for a couple of hours of my free time and no extra cost - its a no brainer really - assuming you're confident of your ability, your chip and your cooling (I seem to have hit all of the latter).
  15. It Bluescreened when I restarted the machine - Ran 6 hours blend of Prime nice and stable, no hiccups and whilst browsing the web and watching videos. As soon as I press the restart button, it starts shutting windows down and gives me a Bluescreen. Wtf.

    I've dialed it down to 4.6ghz @ 1.34v and according to Linx on max memory usage it is slightly unstable still. I'm gonna do some serious messing with the BLCK tonight and start using 0.005 incriments of voltage - its getting rediculous now -_-
  16. Wow that sucks! I dont understand that at all. Maybe a 0.005V bump would make it 100% stable.

    I tried 101 (BLCK) x 46 (Multi) for 4.62Ghz with a 0.010V bump in Vcore but got a BSoD 0x00000101 within 10 seconds of Prime95.

    I then tried 1.25 x 36 x 100 for 4.5Ghz just so I could overclock my memory to 2000Mhz, but even with the mem at 1666Mhz I couldn't get into windows and this is with Vcore that I use for my 4.6Ghz overclock...
    Looks Like i'll have to go back to the drawing board if I want 1.25 multi.
  17. Yeah, I'm gonna play serious with these Voltages now - I've got Offset voltage down to an art form now :P Basically its a combination of LLC and Offset voltage you use. You can offset it + and be running 1.42v for example, but if you set LLC to regular it will use Vdroop and drop it to 1.35 lets say under load. Now you may think, 1.42v under light load is going to be bad, but under little or no load it throttles to 1v @ 1.6Ghz anyway with the offset mode enabled.
    You can run it on medium, high, Ultra High or Extreme and this will change the load volts, then you have the option to change the offset (+) or (-). The combination of the LLC and Offset settings creates an amazing level of control for load and idle voltages. I have a LAN to go to on Friday so I'm hoping its 20 pass IBT Maximum Burn stable by then. After ive ran 20 passes of IBT ill leave Prime 95 overnight and if theres no errors then Im going to leave it at that once Ive tweaked the voltages to what I want.

    Are you talking about your SB-E System?

    If so SB-E BLCK Overclocking is pretty much unlocked - the new i7 3820 has a locked Multi, but it can still be clocked to ~4.8ghz stable due to the fact that you can raise the BLCK to 180+ and still have a stable system
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  19. Deadjon could you give me some advice please
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