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Hey Everybody.

I've just been looking at this Water Cooling kit.

Simple question, would it be possible to remove the CPU block and add a GPU block?


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  1. No, its a closed loop system.

    If you need to improve your graphics cards temps then you could get an aftermarket air cooler for around £40

    Alternatively if you want the best temps then you could opt for a custom watercooling loop, however this option will cost considerably more (roughly £200), needs alot of research in order to set it up and maintain it.
  2. Ahh okay I thought that. I thought there might have been a way to remove the CPU block and then purchase a GPU block to add to it. I'm having some trouble with Skyrim as it seems to lag after around an hour of play, and the only reason I think of this happening is due to heat.
  3. Ah right ok, well to check your theory you could download Hardware Monitor (freeware), open the program then play Skyrim for an hour, close Skyrim and check the maximum temps recorded by hardware monitor.
    If any of the temps are North of 90C then you've got a problem :)
  4. Okay, thanks for your help. Any suggestions to what It could be if it isn't the GPU temp?
  5. Whats your system spec's? Please include your power supplies makes and model.
  6. AMD Phenom II 955 BE
    16GB 1600MHz Kingston Hyper X RAM
    Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3
    Asus nVidia Geforce 550TI

    Here is the link to my PSU:

    I also have a heatsink which I purchased. I cannot remember the brand because I am currently not at home, but it was around £40
  7. Unfortunately you've (or whoever built the PC) has made a classic mistake of skimping on the PSU

    Almost all modern components use the +12V rail(s), your power supply has a 13A and a 14A rail, lets be very kind and say the PSU is able to supply both rails fully at the same time, that leaves you with 27A * 12 = 324W
    nVidia recommend 400W for the 550Ti + sub system

    I'm not saying the cause of your problems is the power supply, but I wouldn't trust it at all.

    Check the temps as they could be causing the issue, bit of troubleshooting needed
  8. Hmm, well i'm not very familiar with Power Supplies to be honest. What would you recommend purchasing to fix this issue, even though it may not be the proper reason for the problem.
  9. I'd recommend replacing the PSU anyway, even if it isn't the cause of the problem, cheap power supplies don't have the same protection as good quality power supplies, so if a cheap PSU fails it could kill components that its connected too.

    Some suggestions:
  10. Okay thanks. And why are these better than my current PSU? Sorry i'm just trying to understand xD
  11. The PSU's I mentioned are made of much higher quality components, which result in the PSU being able to output its rated wattage continuously, also good quality PSU's have protection like OCP (over current protection) UCP (under current protection), OTP (over temperature protection) ETC... they are all designed to protect the PSU and the hardware its connected too. Also tend to have less ripple and variation on the rails resulting in better stability and safety.
  12. Okay I see. Are these PSUs going to output the actually Wattage that they are meant to output unlike the current one I have?
  13. Yup absolutely. :)
  14. Okay Brilliant. I will have to looking into purchasing one of those three PSUs then. Thanks for your help :)
  15. No problem, the 3 PSU's I linked to before are just examples of quality PSU's that would comfortably power your system, there are many alternatives depending on your budget, generally anything from Corsair, Enermax, Antec, OCZ, PC power and cooling, XFX are good quality.

    Once you've found a PSU you like the look of why not read a review, Jonnyguru test PSU's to their limit to see what there made of
  16. Brilliant, Thank you very much :)
  17. Its not the best PSU out there, but certainly powerful enough for your system, its leaps and bounds better than the CIT500 :)
  18. Okay. I'll probably look into buying that one or one of the ones you recommended. Thank you :)
  19. No problem.
  20. is a good choice for your price bracket, if you have SLI plans in the wire,

    there are things like the H60 specifically for graphics card cooling, I've seen a couple of pny cards that come with it already attached, or you can even modify one like you first said, heres a handy rip guide for that,
    but I would see what a decent Psu does for you first,

  21. Okay i'll keep that in mind and get a better PSU to see if it fixes the problem. Thanks :)
  22. No probs man, keep us informed as to progress/ lack thereof :)
  23. Okay I will do :)
  24. Looks like I missed this biggie.
  25. Missed what rubix?
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