Can a PCI-E x1 slot sufficiently power an Asus Xonar STX Essence?

I am looking to get an Asus Xonar STX Essence sound card, and the only place I have room for it is in a PCI-E x1 slot. Will it sufficiently power my sound card?

Also, does anybody know if the STX Essence is capable with a home theatre setup? This means that I would not like to have to buy a receiver for my Home Theatre setup, rather I would like to power it from my Asus Xonar STX Essence. Does it have the capable plugs?
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    That card is designed for a PCI-e 1x slot and does not have any power connectors. So... yes. It will.
    As for the capable plugs I'm not exactly sure what you are asking. But you will find your answer here:
  2. it has a Digital S/PDIF Output but from what i know its only a 2 channel card, maibe through the S/PDIF you can have surround, if you dont need surround, you wont have any trouble connecting RCA outputs that the card already has to any other sound component =)
  3. except if your talking about connecting directly to the speakers, if so it depends on the speakers lol... =)
  4. Hi, ckaz
    I have the same card and because they have preamp for the headphone you will need an extra 4 pins connect to the card. Just check if you need amplification for your headphone, my sennheiser hd 550 works better with a preamp that why I bought this card. If you don't need it check for other model it will be cheaper.
    Have a nice day
  5. Hi, chaz I check again and this is what is said on the guru3d website :

    "The power supply for the amplifier sections of this soundcard come from
    the Molex connector on the soundcard.
    Using the Molex to supply these sections provides arguably
    cleaner power supply to these very sensitive circuits and helps
    with the over-all quality of the sound and operation of the circuitry. "

    This is the link :
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