Cpu doesn't show right core speed

So I just got my computer built and up and running. I load up CPU-Z to check my specs and what not, and I see my core speed says 700 mhz instead of 3.2 ghz.. Whats going on here? It also doesn't show my 955 as a black edition...
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    I think its AMD's cool and quiet technology reducing the clock speed and voltage to save power, you can turn this function off in the BIOS.

    If you stress the CPU does the clock speed and voltage change?
  2. I haven't tried stressing the CPU yet, as I'm still learning about overclocking. I don't know much yet... I notice the multiplier is only 4x though. Is that not normal? My old phenom x3 showed the full clock speed with cool & quiet on.. I'll try turning it off though.
  3. Ok well either stress the CPU or turn off any power saving features, I doubt theres anything wrong with the CPU.
  4. I figured it out. My BIOS was set to overclock mode by default. Not sure why, and thats what made the CPU to have a x4 multiplier. Turning it back onto 'auto' solved the problem.
  5. Cool, glad you got it sorted :)
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