How to enable triple channel?

Hi I have a mobo/ram question.

I bought 3x2gb ddr3 ram and put it in the assigned slots for triple channel on my mobo (actually read the manual for once hehe). When I boot up the bios say 4gb and windows aswell... after some heavy google I found out GPU might steal some so I was like whatever.

Then I ran the bios memory test and it sayd 4gb dual channel... started to wonder again.
So I ran CPU-z and it found 6gb of installed ram but in dual channel...

Both tests stated 1066mhz aswell and my sticks are 1600mhz.

So for my question, how do I get them to run in triple channel? (I will figure out the overclock settings for them later on I guess)

I did get 7.4 points in the WEI test btw... kinda think it would be hard for dual channel to get that high?

My system crashes alot and I sort of was hoping this is the problem...

Thanks! //Tommy
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  1. Missing Ram can actually point to bent CPU pins. I am no expert on the subject, but I have heard that is sometimes the case.
  2. That sounds serious! :S I cant fix that by myself?

    But... would CPU-Z find all 6GB of installed RAM if the pins was broken?

    I did some dusting and checked for bad connections on my ram a hour ago, I also switched them around. still 4GB of ram and dual channel but no crash in the last hour!
  3. You actually can, if that is the issue. However, like I said, I am no expert on 1366, so hopefully others will post with other ideas.
  4. Ok so how do I figure out if a pin is broken or not. I just did download some intel processor identifyer but it was just crap!
  5. As far as the memory speed goes you will have to manually set the multiplier in bios to get your ram to run at rated speeds, timings and voltage.

    As far as running dual channel goes you can make sure they are all seated properly and if they are sometimes changing the order of slots they are in can help.

    I have also seen and experienced a mount of the HS can also cause the ram to not show up. For me I changed the TIM on my TRUE and when I was finished I had only 1 of 3gig available and when I mounted my TRUE a second time all was back to normal. I would guess if you did a Google search on missing memory for an i7 you will find that the most common fix is to redo your HS mount.
  6. Which likely means when installed the first time the processor was either not quite level or shifted.
  7. Ok I will remove my cpu today. Gona check for broken pins aswell as redo the HS. Thanks! Reporting back asap
  8. Well, from what I have heard it is more *bent* pins, which can be difficult to notice.

    This may help
  9. If you have X86 OS it might not see them. X64 wont have a problem
  10. :DDDDDDDD !
    I fixed everything! I did remove the cpu and went all sherlock holmes on the socket with my magnifier (I have a 1366 socket but the link was good anyways EXT64, thanks alot)
    And I found something there so keept looking. it was like a glitch in the pattern... one pin was bent. so I took a needle and started to sort of feel around. then I just pushed it back, everything looked great so I kicked in all the parts and now I have triple channel and all 6gb is listed!
    I dont know if my crashes are gone but have great hope in this now.

    King alabama, thanks alot for all the help.
  11. Wow, glad it helped. I certainly imagine that a bent pin could be causing crashes, but if you get anymore just ask and we can start some other troubleshooting.
  12. ^ ^
    | |

    Nicely done....
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