How much WATTS should my PSU be? and What Graphics Card should i get?

I have:
intel quadcore processor 8200
6 gigs of ram
planning to getting around an ATI HD4650

I have about 150$ but im planning to use about 100$, maybe more, on a PSU and graphics card.

What graphics card should i get?

How much watts should my PSU be?

Im a gamer by the way.

and my psu slot is 24 pin.

i have a pci, pci-e, pci-e x16 slot.
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  1. What kind of games do you play?
  2. Hy Ryan,

    First--you will have to look and see exactly what PSU you currently have--before we know if your money is better off spent on the PSU or graphic card.

    The dilemma in this price range is that most cards up to about $70 can run on a generic power supply--once you go above that you often need to upgrade the PSU. So--depending on your PSU quality it might be worth it to replace, or simply get the best card you can with the current one.

    Also, wattage is not always the best measure of PSU strength-- many cheap PSU makers crank up the wattage numbers-- but make inferior models.


    If you end up replacing the PSU and getting a graphic card I think the best deal you can get in the slightly over $100 price range would be a $39 corsar 400cx PSU and a $79 Nvidia 9800GT.



    Or if you decide to spend your full amount you could get a better GTS 250 for about $115 that would be better for gaming and would also run on this PSU.

    For more information about graphic cards you should read this:,2491.html
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