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Data recovery tools

..i have already posted about it only as BSOD it got worst last time it got an error it doesn boot anymore..and my entire drive turns to dynamic disk..all i got to do is to format it (on slave it another pc) and tried to recover the files but not 100% (only 1 partition)..then i tried 1 of the hiren's recovery tools but no success and got even worst (my disk failed again and turns unrecognizable..when i tried easus data recovery wizard only small .mp4 files are recoverable but I still see my old partitions (3 partitions, C: 48GB E:132GB G:82 there anything i can do with to recover all those files? :(
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    Recuva is a good free data recovery program:
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  3. No, if the drive is not recognized, you may have to sent it for repair.
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