Having problems with new SSD!!

Ok so I ordered the Wildfire last week, and everything has been running perfectly fine, until last week when I was playing WoW and it froze. I tired hitting esc, and CTRL+ALT+DEL to exit out, but CTRL+ALT+DEL gave me 'Preparing security options' in a windows screen, and stuck on it forever, so I reset the computer, and everything was back to normal.

Now, today I was playing WoW same thing happened again. I restarted my computer using the reset button, and then more weird things happened. I booted into my old windows installation on my main older hard drive. And so I restarted my computer again, went into BIOS and it wasn't detecting Wildfire, so after restarting it for the third time, it finally detected Wildfire and I was back to normal agian.

What is going on?
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  1. What motherboard do you have?
  2. I would recommend checking to see if you have a firmware update for your SSD.

    Here is what I think is going on...
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    Update the BIOS on your motherboard to version 2201.

    Also update your AMD AHCI & South Bridge drivers:
  4. I checked Patriot's website for firmware there isnt one out yet. In one of the replies to Newegg reviews it said that it will be out by the end of the week last week, but i didnt see it.

    I did update my bios to 2201 and updated my drivers like Dereck said. I will report back in a week hopefully these updates fixed it.

    Thanks guys
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  6. Dereck47 said:
    Update the BIOS on your motherboard to version 2201.

    Also update your AMD AHCI & South Bridge drivers:

    Can someone please help me?

    I am suffering from the same problem and I am searching for a solution.

    I also have an ASUS motherboard, and I think it is the cause of the problem.

    My motherboard model is: P6X58D-E

    I found a new driver and downloaded it called: P6X58D-E-ASUS-0701.ROM
    but I don't know how to install it. Any advice?

    Also, what about the "AMD AHCI & South Bridge drivers" that Derek mentioned in an earlier post... do I need to find and download those? Or does my motherboard not have them?

    -- very confused, would appreciate any help.
    Thanks for reading!

    - soulmist
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