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Ok hi i just built myself a new rig using Intel i5 2500k cpu, Gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3 Motherboard, 8Gigs of Patriot 1600mhz ram, Radeon 5770 GPU, and 90Gig Vertex 3 SSD drive....im pretty new to overclocking and just wanna make sure i have everything set right.... I went into Bios and changed my cpu multiplier to x44 and OC'd too 4.4ghz i didnt mess with BLCK or voltages BLCK is still at 100mhz. I also change my memory too 16.00 in memory multiplier i think it was called...it was on 1066 by default...Are these settings fine? I ran stress tests with Intell Burn Test and Prime 95 and everthing seems to be good my max temp was like 68degrees on one of the cores...The reason im kinda worried is today i was messing around testing out my RESET button on my case to see if it would work and i guess i just powered off the cpu...When i booted back up it said computer failed to boot cuz of Overclocking settings i had changed in BIOS is t his normal or is something wrong? The comp didnt really fail to boot im not sure what its talking about it started up after i hit ok. I read that i didnt really need to worry about BLCK and voltages at a x44 multiplier and using a Corsair H50 Liquid cooler, im not sure if i did the memory right but it seemed correct seeing as the memory is suppose to run at 1600mhz...So was that just a false alarm from turning off the computer without shutting down or do i need to change my OC settings in BIOS...Any help would be appreicated, thanks alot
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  1. Not sure why you would've booted up just fine with the settings and then the computer decides to spaz out on you. "hmmmm wonder what this reset button does......" ;-) As long as you have the system up and running and its stable, i wouldn't worry too much about that incident, Though i would try to restart your computer properly and see if it starts up with these settings, Then try a cold boot.
  2. If you didnt change the Vcore in the BIOS then its most likely still on AUTO, AUTO tends to push through more voltage than is necessary, you could manually reduce this voltage which would then reduce the heat and energy used, but obviously you have to test for stability every time you adjust the voltage.

    I expect the warning when you rebooted is caused by incorrect memory timings/voltage, make sure you manually set these values in the BIOS, you can find what the values should be on a sticker on the side of your memory sticks.

    I'd recommend stress testing any overclock for atleast 8 hours, if your using prime make sure to tick round off checking in the settings and watch those temps!.
  3. i did some searching on google and alot of people are saying its normal for it too say that when your computer is shut off incorrectly, im thinking thats why it reset back to default and gave me that message....and the only thing that reset was that cpu multiplier the memory and everything else stayed the same...im pretty sure my memory timings should be 9. 9 . 9. 24 which is what its set at i think.
  4. That was my experience with a similar situation which is why i asked about the cold boot and proper restart. did those work out just fine?
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